So, it been a while since I've written a blog post (and this would have been posted way earlier, but I needed to watch So You Think You Can Dance first. Priorities. XD). As the summer's gone on, I've realized that there are more and more unfamiliar faces popping up on the wiki. So, a quick reintroduction: I'm Freefalling Lilacs, also called FFL, FL, or Lilac. I write Total Drama Island: For Your Entertainment and occasionally draw some things. This is going to start off with some quick updates about what I'm doing and then... well, the new character models are finally coming out.

First Off: Progress

I'll admit FYE was supposed to be way farther along at this point than it is. I'm just glad I've stuck through it this long. The newest chapter should be coming this week. I had to completely rewrite it because I changed the challenge... and then I changed it back again. I've been kicking my own butt with this one, but I think it's an interesting one. If you read any of the story, I'd love to hear some feedback.

Other than FYE, though, I've always hoped to put something else on the site, preferably with the original cast of TDI. I'm trying to think of a story that takes a lot less planning than FYE does, and something I can be a lot less serious about. The first thing that came to mind was a Total Drama's Next Top Model starring the canon girls and hosted by Blaineley. The story would be just for fun, with exaggerated personalities and short episodes. I'm actually a lot faster at drawing than I am at writing, so making pictures for the story wouldn't take me that long. I know this is majorly a male-dominated wiki though, so would anybody be interested in reading something like that?

Second: The Old Character Models

After... well, a while, I've finally updated my TDI: FYE character models. Out of the 22 contestants, I have 13 done (actually, more like 12 and a half since I'm editing somebody's face). I'm really excited to finally reveal them, as a lot of the characters finally fit my original visions of them much better than their original drawings.

Speaking of the original drawings, I know Paint art is a bit outdated on the wiki, but if anybody wants to use them as bases to make their own characters feel free to ask. Recycling is always nice.

Finally: The New Character Models

I'll be revealing two right now, but every few days I'm hoping to release another one or two, just so they're not all updated at the same time. When I upload their new images, I'm also going to be updating their bios a little bit. They're the same content, just different wording. All new character models have had their other outfits updated as well, so check their pages for more designs. So, without furthur ado... here's Allison and Zack:

Allison Yale Zack Hill

(Yes, I like the color red a lot.) I actually chose these two as the first to reveal for a reason. First of all, they're the first and last alphabetically, and for some reason it felt right to upload them first. They've both gone through some changes. Allison mainly got some outfit updates and now has curly hair. Zack, on the other hand, had a lot more. The freckles were always supposed to be there, but I had the idea to punk him out a little, hence the gauges and shavings in his hair. His face was also redesigned to make him stand out even more from the other guys.

I'd love some feedback on these new designs, and who you're excited to see. These are two of my favorites (my overall favorite is actually Risty, but it'll be a few days before you see her and her wonderful hair), and I'm curious to see others' reactions.

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