I am about to experience a major life event. I considered telling you all last month, for a 10th Anniversary blog post, but I decided to wait. With a few old guard wikians resurfacing of late, the time now feels right. Rhonda has known for some time.

<drumroll, fanfare>

At about the same time as this year's seniors are graduating from school, I will be "graduating" from the workforce. In other words, I am retiring after the first week of June.

I originally planned to hang up the proverbial green eyeshades (I make my living as an accountant) at the end of May, but I extended it a week for a couple of reasons. First, it gets me employer-subsidized health insurance for another month. Second, my last pay period will officially end on Saturday, 6 June (although my last day in the office will probably be Thursday the 4th) and it amused me that, quite by coincidence, that's the D-Day anniversary.

The appeal of round numbers also played a role. Earlier this year, I turned 60 years old (so my retirement is moderately early, given that full retirement age for my birth year is 67) and at about the same time I hit 20 years with my current employer.

Granted, this isn't the most propitious time for the stock market to tank (currently down about 20 percent in the last month) but Jay and I aren't worried. Our nest egg, shrunken though it's become, is still as big than it was a year ago, when I decided to retire, and our cash reserve would last almost three years in a worst-case scenario.

What this means for the three people still reading The Legend of Total Drama Island here on the wiki is that I will soon have much more time available to work on it, so I'm hoping to get it back to a regular update schedule. (Assuming the deadly coronavirus doesn't get me.)

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