For those of you who still read or care about LTDI, I would like your opinions on something I have planned for the eating challenge. In keeping with the “battle of the sexes” theme, the teams will be waited on by attractive interns in objectifying costumes. The girls' waiter will be Alejandro, dressed as a Chippendales dancer. The boys’ waitress will be dressed as a Playboy bunny.

The question is, who should be the bunny? I was going to (and still might) take the opportunity to add The Ridonculous Race’s Kelly to the intern corps, because her top-heavy body type makes for a good bunny. (She would also be some 20 years younger than her canon counterpart, since most of the interns are college age.) Kelly would be the second Ridonculous Racer to appear; Carrie was introduced a couple of chapters ago.

Lately, though, I’ve been having second thoughts, wondering if Scarlett might be the better choice. With her wild, "evil" hair style, she would make a striking Bunny; and she would probably be displeased at the assignment, which could lead to interactions along the lines of boys telling her she looks hot and she muttering, “McLean will die for this.” Using Scarlett would also avoid the need to introduce yet another character.

I also considered Sky as the bunny, but I’m not aware of any advantages she would offer over the others.

So, whom should I use?

Who should be the boys’ Playboy bunny?

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