For those few of you who are current on The Legend of Total Drama Island, the Sixteenth Night chapter is being delayed one week. Wifey and I will be at a sci-fi convention all weekend--Denver's is one of the biggest in the country--so I won't have time to finish the chapter and wouldn't have time to post it even if I did finish it. As a result, my new target date is the 10th. That also happens to be my target date for posting Thirteenth Night on, but that's neither here nor there.

Speaking of the port, a couple of weeks ago LTDI sailed past 5,000 page views. (That doesn't mean as much as it would here, since their system puts every chapter on a separate page, but still.) About 20 percent of those hits have come in just the last three weeks since I posted Twelfth Night, so it looks like word is starting to get out. LTDI still doesn't have many reviews on, though. For most of it's history, it's had more favoriters (currently 32) than total reviews (currently 30), and almost half of those reviews have come from its only regular reviewer.

Anyway, here's what you can look forward to with Sixteenth Night: in addition to resolving yet another life-threatening cliffhanger, the chapter will have not one but two "guest stars". One is the mystery guest judge for the cooking challenge. The other is the new intern, Dawn, who arrived last chapter and now must try to fathom the curse of the Boney Island idol. Yes, Virginia, I decided to make the curse real precisely because it was such a golden opportunity to give Dawn a couple of big scenes. The chance to work in a bit of chiefly Canadian mythology, not to mention some Gilbert & Sullivan references, was icing on the cake.

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