After making almost no progress in four months, a couple of days ago I finally found my long-missing motivation to finish LTDI’s horribly-overdue 22nd Night chapter. The odds are probably still against my getting it posted this weekend, but I’ve written 2300 words in the last two days, covering parts of the moose rodeo riding and the moose polo game. (In my version of the moose rodeo riding, everyone rides, not just one camper per team.)

Despite this extended procrastination/writer's block/whatever it was, LTDI reached a major milestone a few days ago: 100 Favoriters on This ranks LTDI #66 in the fandom with the M-rated stories included, or #56 without. It has 96 Followers, ranking it #33 or #39, depending on whether M-rated stories are included. (These rankings are higher because people start to de-follow stories that have been finished for a while.)

One of the things I did earlier this week, when I should have been writing my story, was to select theme song videos for several LTDI characters. When LTDI first appeared on the wiki, it was fashionable to assign themes to the contestants, and occasionally to other characters as well. I had previously assigned themes to the majority of LTDI’s contestants (revealing them in the story’s notes in the episode where the corresponding player was eliminated) as well as Chris, Chef, and the “Greek chorus” of Brett and his mother. (Some of these themes fit both the LTDI version of a character and their canon counterpart, whereas others fit only the LTDI version.) In addition, I wanted a theme for the interns as a whole, and three individual interns (Alejandro, Dawn and Ella) are prominent enough to merit themes of their own. My profile page includes links for all the theme song videos chosen to date, including those for players who are still in the game.

After the recent spree, only D.J. and Leshawna are still without themes, and I’m happy to listen to suggestions. Songs from musicals are preferred, but I’ll consider any song where the lyrics are reasonably easy to understand or has a video with subtitles. I will also consider instrumentals.

In addition, I have two cases (see below) where I am trying to decide between two strong theme candidates. I would appreciate your feedback on these as well.

The newly chosen themes are:

Alejandro:March of the Toreadors” from Carmen. (Yes, I know it’s cliché for a Spaniard. “March of the Toreadors” is a standard.)

Courtney:The Olive Tree” from Kismet

Dawn:If I Could Talk to the Animals” from Doctor Dolittle

Duncan:The Seven Deadly Virtues” from Camelot

Gwen:The Music of the Night” from The Phantom of the Opera

Heather:Be Prepared” from The Lion King. Someone suggested this one to me, but I can’t find the message where that suggestion was made. If whoever suggested it sees this, contact me to insure proper credit.

Tyler:Go the Distance” from (Disney’s) Hercules. This was also suggested to me, probably by the same person who suggested "Be Prepared".

Finally, I am trying to decide between two good theme candidates for Ella, and for the interns as a whole. Which do you prefer?

The interns: “What Do the Simple Folk Do?” from Camelot; or “Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves” from the opera, Nabucco

Ella: “I Bring You a Song” from Bambi; or “Sing”, originally written for the children’s show, Sesame Street and popularized when The Carpenters covered it

Which is the better theme for the interns?

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Which is the better theme for Ella?

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Do you read LTDI?

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