My 3rd wikiversary was actually a couple of days ago, but better late than never. I don’t have a megablog this time, but I do have something to unveil for the occasion.

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been quite a bit less active since the first of the year, especially on the social end. (Or maybe it just seems that way to me.) Likewise, those of you whose stories I’ve been reading and commenting on may have noticed that I’ve fallen behind. Well, there’s a reason for that.

Around the first of the year, I finally got a TV Tropes account and began preparing works pages for my stories. (I’ve also been preparing a works page for Bambi—the novel, not the movie—but that’s neither here nor there.) That’s been taking a lot of my time lately, largely because I wanted to have them ready to unveil in my wikiversary blog. That obliged me to spend more time on TV Tropes to learn editing etiquette, which was something that I didn’t really need to know as a lurker.

The tropes pages for Legacy, CatVoD and TDI-G&S are now up, and are as complete as I can currently make them. The page for LTDI is also up, but I’ve barely scratched the surface on the examples listing. I’ve got about 40 structural/stylistic tropes posted on the LTDI page, and I will soon be posting a Character page with another 60 or 70 tropes, but I’ve identified about 150 tropes beyond that which pertain to the currently-published portion of the story. On top of that, I’ve identified over 400 tropes for unpublished portions of the story (for a grand total of nearly 700), but those examples can’t be added to the page until I post the corresponding chapters.

That’s as may be, here are the links, which I’ll also be adding to the story pages here on the wiki:

Tropes page: Courtney and the Violin of Despair

Tropes page: Legacy

Tropes page: The Legend of Total Drama Island

Tropes page: Total Drama Island, by Gilbert and Sullivan

Finally, an update on LTDI:

I’m still looking at posting Tenth Night on 2 March. In addition to revealing whether Katie lives or dies, Tenth Night should get as far as the phobia confession scene. I’m not sure whether the chapter will get much further than that, because I’ve still got some gaps to fill in Episode #6 (although the resolution of the Katie/Sadie subplot is done) and the phobia confession scene alone is nearly 4,000 words, which is long enough for a full chapter in many stories. But as you know, I’m nothing if not thorough.

Although the phobia confession scene has dramatic moments, it’s a largely comic scene with a running gag that some of you may get a kick out of. As for later chapters, here’s a tidbit that a couple of you know, but most of you might not:


Someone will die on Boney Island. *cue scare chords* I’ve finished writing that scene, and the victim’s fate is sealed. No “I’m not dead yet”, no “never found the body”. This person will be stone cold dead beyond any possibility of doubt.

Addendum, 16 February: The TV Tropes page for LTDI now has its Characters subpage. The subpage is also accessible from LTDI's main tropes page.

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