As many of you know, this month's Featured User election is an historic one. Not only is Jay, my DW, about to join a select company of candidates who won on their first try, but her support has broken the record. Actually, her support has slaughtered the old record, burned its village, and carried off its children into slavery.

The point is, there's still time to become part of this bit of wiki history. With 33 supporting votes as I write, compared to the current record of 22 set just three months ago, Wifey's vote count will be a record that seems likely to stand for a long time; so the six of you who like her and haven't yet voted for her may want to do so. She has 30+ votes already. Do I hear 40?

While you're at it, you might want to vote on some of the other Feature ballots as well, if you haven't done so already.

On a related note, in a shameless act of nepotism (albeit one that's likely to have few critics), I have promoted Jay to the rank of Chat Moderator, because she's on Chat so much more than I am. She's been a moderator on Chatango for some time, so I thought we might as well be consistent. Be sure to congratulate her on her new status.

UPDATE: She's got 40 votes now. That's the milestone I was really after, but here's another target that seems within reach: If she can somehow get four more votes, she'll have doubled the existing record.

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