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  • I am A proudly strange person
  • Gideoncrawle

    I'm still hoping to host the Writers Workshop sometime around the end of March, but there may be a significant delay.

    My 83-year-old MIL has been very ill for several days, and nearly passed away Sunday night. She has improved considerably since, but her prognosis remains uncertain. If she doesn't pull through, there is a distinct possibility that you wouldn't be hearing much from me for a few weeks, because my wife and I would be handling the estate. Never having had to execute an estate before (my own parents, 85 and 75 years old, still appear to have several good years left), we have no idea how much of our time it would take.

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  • Gideoncrawle

    But when people lapse into poetry you can never be quite sure what they mean.

    --W. S. Gilbert, The Mikado story adaptation

    Here is a brief (relatively speaking) excerpt from my gargantuan project, Total Drama Island, by Gilbert and Sullivan (TDI-G&S). The scene is Gwen and the killer in the lodge—the same scene that was the springboard for my acclaimed short story, Legacy. The final version may have a somewhat different structure than the excerpt presented here.

    The narrative, called the Guide to Incidents, is interspersed with verse references from the G&S plays. Without these references, the narrative would be similar to the episode plot summaries on the main TD wiki, albeit with a more storylike flavor.

    Verse references are are numbered in the …

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  • Gideoncrawle

    Why am I here?

    March 9, 2010 by Gideoncrawle

    I have recently been asked what led me to the wiki. Since others may want to know as well, the simplest way to answer is on a blog post.

    As I mentioned on my User page, I am much older than TDI’s target demographic. TDI watchers in my family range from my nephew (then 7 years old) to my mother (then 73 years old). All of us except my mother also watched TDA. (She didn’t because she’d had all she could take of Chris, and because she had see one fart joke too many.)

    I have been on the main TD wiki for almost a year, albeit under a different username and with only a handful of edits, but I only became aware of the fanfic wiki a couple of months ago.

    At that time, I had been working on Total Drama Island, by Gilbert and Sullivan (“TDI-G&S”, common…

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