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  • My occupation is Accountant (retired)
  • I am A proudly strange person
  • Gideoncrawle

    I’ve been a registered user here for five years now, including almost 3-1/2 years as an admin. I’ve seen many changes, and now I must add one of my own:

    I am resigning as administrator. I announced on Chat several weeks ago that I was considering this step , so the other admins wouldn’t be caught flatfooted.

    Your first question is probably, “Why?”

    Short version: I don’t feel like part of the community anymore, so the maintenance work that used to be a labor of love has become a burden.

    Long version: I’ve been drifting away from the wiki for quite some time, largely coinciding with the wiki’s focus shift from fanfics, to roleplays, since RPs don’t interest me. Although we did see a brief spike in story editing activity around the holidays, comm…

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  • Gideoncrawle

    As some of you know, the Seventeenth Night chapter of my Season 1 remake, The Legend of Total Drama Island was supposed to be posted at the end of June, yet is still unfinished. This has been due partly to having too many irons in the fire (including trying to do more read & review both here and on and partly to an unaccountable lack of motivation.

    I have finally given up on week-to-week extensions and rescheduled the update for Labor Day weekend. (For those of you who don’t live in the U.S., Labor Day is the first Monday in September). This will mean missing an entire update cycle for the second time in a year, but there’s no help for it. Once I do get the chapter done, I’m not going to rush the proofreading. Seventeenth Nigh…

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  • Gideoncrawle

    LTDI Update

    May 3, 2014 by Gideoncrawle

    For those few of you who are current on The Legend of Total Drama Island, the Sixteenth Night chapter is being delayed one week. Wifey and I will be at a sci-fi convention all weekend--Denver's is one of the biggest in the country--so I won't have time to finish the chapter and wouldn't have time to post it even if I did finish it. As a result, my new target date is the 10th. That also happens to be my target date for posting Thirteenth Night on, but that's neither here nor there.

    Speaking of the port, a couple of weeks ago LTDI sailed past 5,000 page views. (That doesn't mean as much as it would here, since their system puts every chapter on a separate page, but still.) About 20 percent of those hits have come…

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  • Gideoncrawle

    Last month, when I posted my (belated) 10,000th Edit blog (which, judging by the number of comments, most people either didn’t see or didn’t care about) I mentioned an impending life change. That change has since come to pass, so I can now tell you about it.

    Last week, at the age of 54, I officially semi-retired from the workforce.

    What this means is that I’ve gone permanently part-time. I still have the same job with the same company as before, but my work week has dropped from five days to only three—and the main reason I’m working that much is because I need 20 hours/week to keep my benefits, most notably my employer-subsidized health insurance. (If I didn’t still need that subsidy, I could just about afford to retire completely.) The 40%…

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  • Gideoncrawle

    Various people have suggested from time to time that SpaceWeather (who is currently a Chatmod) would make a good administrator. My understanding is that there has been discussion of this matter amongst admins as well, and I’m not aware of any serious opposition to the prospect of making him an admin, so I think it’s time to put the question to a vote.

    Please note that we are not considering other admin candidates at this time. This blog will deal solely with the question of whether to promote SpaceWeather; so commenters, please stay on that topic.

    To the best of my knowledge, the main argument against promotion is that some people think we already have enough active admins. We currently list nine on the home page, and we have traditionally so…

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