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  • JERealize

    Though this is basically reviving a dead series only to put it back in the ground again, I thought I would let people know the update status of Total Drama America. (It used to be dead, but due to special interests I brought it back.) Let's begin with the biggest news I have for it, and that is...

    And it only took me less than five years.

    Of course, it's not on this wiki anymore, and it's not like posting it here is going to do anything, so it's on to the next topic of this post...

    If I want to share this story with others, my new plan is to find the right fanfiction hosting site. Gideon gave me his take so far, but he was limited in knowledge of anything outside If any of you have tried alternatives, let me know my options.


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  • JERealize

    I was looking forward to chatting a bit with the TDIFF residents after posting a birthday update. (If you didn't see it, click here.) The problem is, one particular individual makes this difficult.

    I met this person a few years back, and this person has the habit of attacking me and playing the victim card. DF's arguments include calling me a liar (as I try to defeat DF's lies), creep (as I say I show my face and am not afraid of confrontation), a madman (as I prove I'm a logical human being), and a kid (DF thinks since I use a different train of thought, I am therefore not an adult). When I came back after my birthday, I try to talk to other people. but DF starts the conversation by attacking me and calling me the aforementioned again. No …

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  • JERealize

    Hello, everyone. This is JERealize and I thought about stopping here and telling you a few things about my life and writing. Also, it's my 25th birthday. Who's the kid now?

    Not a lot has happened in my writing attempts, and I originally gave up on writing the rest of Total Drama America. I wanted to create my own story franchise and experimented with ideas but wasn't able to go very far. Recently, I tried creating a card game, several short stories and even a handbook, but I wasn't able to get far in any of the projects.

    Then I chatted with some people in college and found this one person working at desk. We had talks and I found out she was into Total Drama, so I referred to her my fanfiction attempt. Not only did she like it but she wanted…

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  • JERealize

    So let's go through this story idea. Basically, someone dies and leaves his whole estate to... (wait did I read that right?) the teenager who can avoid assassination the longest?

    Yeah, you heard that right.

    In this show, twelve teenagers have to live with each other in an estate, trying to gain the inheritance. They don't have to worry about money problems, but the problem is, they can only spend their money at brick-and-mortar stores. Luckily, they're staying in the heart of Smith City, one of the cosmopolitan capitals of the world. Unluckily, the more they spend, the more they're targeted by "assassins" who want the inheritance all to themselves. And even more unluckily, every day they have to go to registered locations to pick up somethin…

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  • JERealize

    Hi, here's the voting for #9. That's right, from here on out, one new category a week, so that means less work to do.

    (To go back to the main hub, click this sentence.)

    Artist Song Country Year
    Eldrine "One More Day" Georgia 2011
    Nina Zilli "L'amore è femmina (Out of Love)" Italy 2012
    Anouk "Birds" Netherlands 2013
    Basim "Cliché Love Song" Denmark 2014
    Nadav Guedj "Golden Boy" Israel 2015

    What you do is determine your favorite, second-favorite, and third-favorite entries from the listed category. Each gets 3, 2, and 1 point(s) respectively, and voting will be tallied up from the comments when it closes on March 18, 2016. I hope to hear what you think.

    Three songs down, forty to go. (Talk | Blogs | Contributions) 19:31, January 18, 2016 (UTC)

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