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    Birthday Timeline.

    November 6, 2012 by Jake R

    Welcome to the Birthday Timeline! Here, we post a lot of people's birthdays in order. Yes, this is random and yes, this is pointless, but whatever.

    • Bruno- January 8th.
    • Fire- Janaury 14th.
    • Radi- February 6th.
    • CK- February 19th.
    • Zoey- February 23rd.
    • AJ- March 1st.
    • Jax- March 14th.
    • Reddy- March 29th.
    • Trey- April 25th.
    • Jessica- May 1st.
    • Kevvy- May 8th.
    • Webly- May 19th.
    • Jake- June 3rd.
    • TBTDIF- June 21st.
    • Sunny- July 29th.
    • Toad- August 5th.
    • Duke- August 12th.
    • Rhonda- September 9th.
    • MrD- September 14th.
    • Mana- October 10th.
    • Jay- November 17th.
    • Oats- November 24th.
    • Dra- December 9th.
    • OHFan- December 18th.

    Tell me if you want your name added or deleted! :)

    ~Jake R: Welcome... stalkers! 21:41, November 6, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Jake R

    I have added all the character for my new story; Total Drama Games.

    Now, I will explain what happened with Total Drama Elements.

    After not writing, I didn't like it. Elements had twelve through fourteen characters that were 2D or boring. Second, I made up challenegs as I went along. Third, I made up the elimination as I went along. There was never an official elimination. However, here's what I did have:

    • Nelson would either get 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.
    • The winners were Mordecai, then Annie, than Bryce, and finally Brooklyn. I never stuck to just one. Brooklyn was going to be it.
    • Ilex was going to get 8th place.
    • Bryce was supposed to quit because he felt wrong for being a villian.
    • Jake would've been eliminated right before or right after merge.
    • William R.…
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  • Jake R

    So, I know I let my monthly blogs die. Sorry, I just forgot about them. I'll just update on myself whenever I want to, okay? Okay, good.

    Home is okay, I have no real complaints. I live with my mom's mom and stepdad, because our house got foreclosed. Since my parents credit got screwed, we had to live with our grandparents.

    However, if I've talked to you before, we live in a bad neighborhood. Well, we don't, but our surronding neighborhoods tommorow. I live in the Spanish ghetto (and sorry if anyone here is Spanish). The surronding neighborhoods are poor and ghetto. A person just got murdered in the house behind us a year ago. And, since my house is on the corner of a street, we have cars that speed.

    I also hate the bus, because it's filled wi…

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  • Jake R


    So, lately, a lot of people have been using the "F" word uncensored.

    I'm not sure on what our policies are exactly, but I'm pretty sure the f word needs to be in astericks. Like, seriously guys? You can't censor it? You know me, I'm not usually up everyone's butt with this or anything. However, the fact that these people know it's against the rules should not be tolerated. Like, seriously?

    I know, I can't censor internet; nobody can. I've seen worse than the f word or anything uncensored. I know we're all over 13, but really? And if you're cursing only in chat, would you curse on comment or anything? If you wouldn't curse on the wiki, why curse in the chat?

    I know, you guys probably think I'm butthurt about this. Truly, I'm not.

    Admins or c…

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  • Jake R

    Quick message.

    August 19, 2012 by Jake R

    Quick message.

    Read About hosted by Dra is dead. I officially confirmed it tonight.

    With this, I want to close Read About. I kindly ask everyone to not attempt a revival, because it will only fail. I know people found it fun, but I found it time consuming. All revivals sucked. Totally. Freaking. Sucked.

    • Question: What twists did you have?
    • Answer: When I revived it, I planned a lot. One plan was to switch teams every week to make it almost impossible to make alliances. Another was "The Bookmark" where they would win a free ride out of next week.
    • Question: Who was the worst host between Dra and Webly?
    • Answer: Not going to lie; both had there flaws. However, I would have to say Webly. I won't go in detail though.
    • Question: What users would you have …
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