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  • JasonAlexande08

    I'm proud to announce my next project: Total Drama Reunion Island! It will feature 20 campers competing on the island again for 1 million dollars.

    I already completed four chapters! :D I'm so excited to hopefully finish this project! I was also wondering if anyone has any characters that I can use for chapter five. The teams are supposed to give a tour of the Camp and I need three more people to be tourist. So if you have any characters you think would fit, please tell me! Thanks! :-)

    Here's another preview:

    “Now it's time for the hottest male camper...the nominees are Lightning, Duncan, Justin and Noah. Vote now.” Katie and Sadie looked at each other and pondered.

    “It looks like they forgot Gwen's name,” Courtney smiled. “You little...” Gwen …

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  • JasonAlexande08

    Out of the blue, new to few

    • Hi everyone. It's Jason from a LONG time ago. I decided to log back on to the wiki because earlier today, I was looking through my netbook and found a few stories that I completely stopped working on. I decided to go over this story that I was two and half chapters into. I read it over and edited it, and I wrote some of chapter 3 today! :)
    • I am probably going to try to finish this story or whatever. I hope that I finish it so I can post it on here again...It would be a nice experience. I'm sure you'll all enjoy it once it's posted! :)
    • The working title is 'Total Drama Reunion Island'. I even made a graphic for it, but I'll probably post it later. The story is basically about the TDI contestants coming back togethe…

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  • JasonAlexande08

    Short Little Blog

    October 16, 2011 by JasonAlexande08

    Hi everyone...Sorry for my absence lately. I know when I said I will be here for the summer, I wasn't. Many things gotten in the way.

    I started recoloring/editing the cast again. I borrowed Kenzen's bases (thank you!!) and I really like them. I've already started to give them personalities/stereotypes.

    I have a few more, but they don't have stereotypes or anything. If you see anything in them, please comment. :-)

    In school, I we are writing short stories, so I might use these characters in a short story about being stranded on an island after their plane crashes into the island. The irony is that, on the other side of the island, there is civilization.

    I hope you enjoy these and give me ideas. I may try to write something on these characters.


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  • JasonAlexande08

    Well, hi fellow wiki users. *scratches head*

    I know I've left a long time ago, but hopefully I will be back for Summer 2011. This summer, I will probably have to sit home and watch my brother from 9am to 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm about four days a week (give or take). I probably wont be on during the day: Tuesday, Friday, and the weekends. I may be here on nights for all the week. Hopefully this summer wont stink (because I have to deal with you!!!, JK!). Probably because I have to stay home 9am-5pm for 3-4 days a week.

    On a second thought,school ends in 3+1/2 weeks! To bad final exams are the last week of school...and man, I was really starting to like English class!

    I'm very sorry for abandoning you all...I feel terrible and I sincerely want to apo…

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  • JasonAlexande08

    I'm not dead, just yet. You better bet.

    Well, hello there.

    Approx. 109 days until my wiki anniversary. I don't know if you'd call it an anniversary because I've been on hiatus for a long time now. I'm sorry. I remember when I first joined this wiki....I wish things were like that again.I remember when the wiki was a industrial factory, everyone did their fair share to keep business afloat. Sadly, afterwards, the wiki took a dive too deep into the blue. Some users left, some haitused, some appeared.

    Did you all see the NEW TD? I hate it- I believe it won't be the same as any other season, which is extraordinarily sad. I'm not feeling the characters. I know some of you may think "The Jersey Shore Reject" will be funny, but i feel she is one of t…

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