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  • JustLittleOlMe

    I haven’t figured out what to say, which is why this announcement is so delayed. But I’ve loved many of you like family for a couple of years now, and I’m not leaving anytime soon. Sadly, I’m not on here as often for various reasons, but I still love these stories and you guys/gals, not to mention writing my Critter Tales. Yes. I’m still writing my animal stories.  :)

    Hopefully this new TD season—Total Drama All-Stars, which starts tomorrow—will give many of us new ideas for our stories and help pump up our wiki activity.  :) I’m looking forward to chatting afterwards, too!  :D

    Hope we all stay active on this wiki for years to come!  :) *hugs*

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  • JustLittleOlMe

    A few folks have congratulated me on becoming 1 wiki-year old this month. (August) And Gid even asked me if I was going to write a blog for it. Well, since no one really ever looks at the dates we arrived here, I guess I’ll announce my first Wiki-Birthday! :D

    A lot has happened since I’ve arrived here, and I’ve grown a lot, computer-wise! You’ve all become my wiki family, and I don’t want to be without you.

    Since I've arrived, on August 27th, 2011, (actually the evening of the 26th), I've learned loads! My very first goal was to get to know a lot of you, and so I lived on Chat(ango) for a few days. You were all extremely welcoming, and I fell in love with the lot of you and this wiki. Thank you very, very much!! ^_^ And then I wrote my very …

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  • JustLittleOlMe

    In October of 2011 TDIwriter started a Pokemon Nuzlocke Wiki and invited everyone on our FF wiki to join by offering their names. It was very popular, and I decided I wanted to play my first game of Pokemon. I had difficulty setting it up once I'd downloaded it, but eventually I played a FireRed game all the way through. Since this was nearly a year ago, I've forgotten the minutia, but here is how I did it to the best of my recollection.

    Free Pokemon Games

    1. Go to and click on the game you'd like to download.

    2. I clicked on FireRed for this example. At the top of the screen is "ROMs >> Gameboy Advance >> P >> Pokemon - Fire Red". Below that is: "NOTE: You will need a compatible emulator to play this ROM file. …

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  • JustLittleOlMe

    Gull and the other Beasties would like to thank everyone on this wiki for liking their stories so much!  :D

    Jay: Thank you for voting The Beasts of Wawanakwa as your Favorite Story collection this month!!!  :D

    First of all, I, Jay, would very much like to thank everyone who has supported and voted for Beasties since its been on the ballot. I think for four months? Anyhow, here are the supporters of these wonderful beasts (that I think of as beauties!) for August!  :)












    I’ve been wondering how to write this “thank you”, but in appreciation of all of their efforts, too, I’ll let the critters of Wawanakwa thank you themselves!  ;)

    Gull: “Hi, everyone!” *Gull appears on the outdoor stage used…

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  • JustLittleOlMe

    Avi's Total Drama Honolulu Rankings are up, and the characters in this story are a lot of fun! :) The challenges are a blast, too! xDD I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

    16. Amber – She’s spoiled and always on her phone. She only helped her team once when another contestant reminded her of the money the winner gets.

    15. Zander – We just barely got to know him, but he was very helpful and intelligent. Gave another contestant sun lotion when she thought she was burning, and showed his fellow contestants an easier way to complete a challenge once.

    14. Charlotte – She’s very sweet, but not that bright. She has been there for her team, but hasn’t done a lot, however she is wonderful comic relief.

    13. Dante – He loves the outdoors and has heart,…

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