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Gull's Speech Story


In the area of the Muskoka District of northern Ontario, a seagull had eaten its fill of fish for lunch and took off for home to preen and relax. He’d told his adventure story often enough that almost nobirdy asked him questions anymore, so he didn’t have to worry about The Gathering today.

Gull got home, landed on shore and figured he’d just take a nap in the sun, like he and his friends and family usually did this time of day. His kids were old enough to take care of themselves, now, so they might drop by later, after they’d worn themselves out playing all their “swooping” games. He’d just found the perfect spot in the sun when his world suddenly “blinked out”, and he found himself standing in a different outdoor clearing.

What the…?’ he thought, as he blinked at his new surroundings. There were two humans here. Correction, Gull thought to himself, one human with blue pants and a grey top, and one orange, winged human? For some reason he wasn’t afraid, but still didn’t know whether he should fly away or try to make them leave, instead. He looked around to see where he was, and realized he was in a clearing near where his first two humans had carried him around for the better part of a day.

Gull looked back towards the two human-ish people and watched. The winged orange human spoke to the blue-grey human. Blue-Grey nodded and reached into a small bag, then blew some sparkly dust at Gull. He stayed still, not worried, just curious, until the sparkles reached him, and he sneezed.

Skraaa…heeey!!” Gull squawked and half-yelled, as he blinked his eyes and sneezed again. “What’s the …..” O_O He froze in utter shock and stayed completely still until he could figure out this brand new weird incident happening to him.

“Umm… Hey there, Seagull!” spoke Blue-Grey hesitantly, while Gull was still frozen in shock. “Umm…my friend here and I were wondering if we could ask you a few questions?”

Gull slowly turned his head towards them and felt ready to faint. This was too much! He could understand. Every. Human. Word. She. Spoke! Or was she speaking Seagullese? Gull’s beak fell open much as a surprised human’s would. OgO

“Hey! Uhh, my friend, Sunshine here let me have some of her magic pixie-dust so we could talk to you. My name is Jay, and we’re really friendly. Nice to meet you,” Blue-Grey Jay smiled at Gull.

“Squik?” squeaked Gull. He wasn’t sure if that was in his own language or not, but he thought he might be sick. He just continued to stay still and watch and listen.

“Did I give him enough, do you think?” Jay asked Sunshine, the pixie-dust person.

Whaa…? Enough of what? pondered Gull rapidly. Darn! I’m frozen with fear again, just like when those first two humans got a hold of me!

“Give him more. There’s plenty, and you can’t hurt him with it,” replied the winged girl with an encouraging smile. She then quietly watched the bird again.

Jay nodded and turned towards the bird, leaned down and cajoled, “Hey there again, Pretty Gull. If you can understand me, we want to put some more of this dust on you so you’ll be able to understand us better,” she entreated hopefully. Jay then held up the bag and reached into it again.

Gull just stared, perplexed.

Jay then opened her hand and blew more glitter at Gull, which he was still too in shock to avoid.

As the glitter floated down around him, made him blink some more, and sneeze a few more times, a complete understanding of the human language flooded Gull’s mind. He even felt comfortable using slang! Now Gull understood that these two were simply curious about him. His animal instincts told him he had nothing to fear from them, and he was no longer in shock. Another gift from that sparkly dust, he guessed. He now felt as comfortable among humans as he did with his own kind!

“So,” he began with some annoyance, which was perfectly understandable, “what is it you want?”

Gull asked this in perfect English, and impatiently, since he was tired of being “kidnapped” by people. ‘Wow!’ he thought. ‘This is kind of cool!’ He turned towards the twosome to wait for their answers.

“Mr. Gull,” asked the orange pixie, “are you aware that you have more or less become a worldwide phenomenon?”

OgO emoted Gull.

“And you’ve been chosen for an award, even,” continued the blue-grey girl. “That’s why we’re here.”

“Um… And what did I do?” asked Gull, confused.

“Those two humans that removed the 6-pack ring from your neck a while back, they made a film that hundreds of people have watched around the world,” stated Sunshine. “Maybe even thousands.”

Gull’s mind was awhirl with all this new information, and he finally said, “So… why am I getting an award?”

“Well,” began Jay, “those two humans used that film they made of you to try to make people clean up trash and stop littering, so that birds like you wouldn’t die from rings around their necks and plastic in their stomachs." She looked intently at Gull, “So you’ve helped to clean up beaches and waterways, just by being filmed by those two.”

“Cool!” exclaimed Gull. “So, … could I have my award and go home?”

Jay and Sunshine laughed. Then the pixie said, “We’re going to bring Rhonda and Reddy here and interview you, then give you your award. They’re those two humans that filmed you that day and saved your life.”

Sunshine then reached into the glitter bag that Jay was still holding, paused a moment, then threw some glitter into the sky. The two filmmakers, Rhonda and Reddy, appeared shortly afterwards, along with their cameras and sound equipment.

“What the heck just happened?!!” shrieked Reddy from between the boxes of equipment that surrounded him. He appeared from behind the boxes and turned in circles, trying to figure out where he was and how he’d arrived.

Rhonda stood there, mouth agape, her expression just like Gull’s. Rhonda’s and Gull’s eyes met, and they stared at each other, then at Sunshine and Jay, then Reddy when he noticed Gull, too, and then each other again.

“Hi there,” welcomed Jay to Rhonda and Reddy. “We wanted to thank you for saving Gull’s life, and helping to keep our beaches and oceans clean.”

Rhonda and Reddy just stared at everyone in shock.

“I’m sure Gull would like to thank you for saving his life,” Jay continued, trying to move things along.

“Who the heck are you?” asked Reddy, mostly calmed down now, although still confused.

Sunshine, becoming impatient, explained, “I’m Sunshine the Ravioli Pixie, and we’ve brought you here so Jay here can interview you and write yours’ and Gull’s stories. Total Drama Island is famous, after all.” She then threw some more pixie dust into the air, which calmed everyone down again.

“Thanks for taking that 6-pack ring off of me, you two. I didn’t understand anything about you then, but now I’m understanding how much you’ve done for me and all our lands and waters, and wildlife,” offered Gull, comfortable enough again to try to get to know these humans, … and pixie.

“You’re welcome,” replied Reddy, not realizing that it was Gull who spoke. Once he realized it, he fainted.

Rhonda looked like she was about to follow Reddy to the ground, and Gull looked worried for them both.

Sunshine, nearing exasperation, grabbed two more handfuls of pixie dust from the bag and blew a handful each at Rhonda and Reddy. Both of them coughed and inhaled a lot of dust. Sunshine moved away from them and stood near Jay again.

Gull watched as Reddy slowly picked himself up and Rhonda began looking healthy again. They both then stared at Gull, trying to figure out what questions to ask him. They were no longer in shock now, either.

“You don’t mind if I record this, do you?” Jay asked the camera experts. “I was hoping you’d both be kind enough to set up your equipment for this interview.”

“Of course,” both Rhonda and Reddy responded, rapidly repositioning their equipment and setting it up.

“Erm…Before we get started, an outdoor interview is usually looped so that the sound is crisp and clear for the broadcast,” began Rhonda, “but there’s a lot of noise here, so it won’t sound as good as it would in a studio.”

They were all ankle-deep in pixie dust by now, so Sunshine simply blipped them all to an indoor auditorium with a podium and a microphone at one side of the stage.

“I wanted to have us all meet outdoors so Gull wouldn’t get as frightened,” Sunshine announced. “Now that we’ve all met formally, I’d like to show Gull your film.”

“I’d really like to record all of this, too,” Jay enthused. “Gull’s reactions especially, but yours, too, please.”

“Sure, that’s fine with me,” responded Gull matter-of-factly. Reddy and Rhonda agreed.

Soon, the cameras were rolling, the film was playing, and everyone had a drink and some popcorn, which Gull was really enjoying. As certain scenes came up, comments were made by human and bird alike. There were a lot of comments.

“I remember that!” exclaimed Gull, as they re-lived him being scared on Rhonda’s arm. “But now I can understand what you’re saying! This is so cool!!” Gull continued.

“What were you saying there?” Rhonda asked, when Gull let out his melancholy cry on the beach.

“I was basically calling for help,” replied Gull, as he watched himself get washed back off the beach. “Some of these scenes are really sad for me to re-live, but I’m really glad we’re able to watch it together. Thanks, everyone.”

“We’re really sorry we made you so sad, Mr. Seagull,” Rhonda said, as Gull wiped tears from his eyes with his wings.

“Yeah, we are,” added Reddy. “I’m … We’re really glad you’re okay.”

“So are my wife and kids,” added Gull. “And I wouldn’t have been without you two. You can call me Gull, if you don’t mind.”

“Rhonda,” stated Rhonda.

“Reddy, Mr. Gull, err… Gull.”

They all somberly watched the rest of the film.

Gull actually cheered at the end of the film, because he knew how lucky he was, and how very happy he was to be safe and free again. Rhonda burst into tears, because re-living the events, plus having Gull right here with them, was overwhelming. Especially since Reddy’s and her plans to help the environment had succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Reddy had a couple of tears in his eyes, but he was mostly elated that everything they had done involving their film had turned out so successfully.

They all sat in companionable silence for several moments, cherishing their memories from the island.

Gull now also understood just how much his two human saviors had given him:

He now had cleaner land and water thanks to them; maybe now more folks would stop and help the animals if they saw them in trouble; Rhonda and Reddy had actually risked their careers just to make this film with him, and they did it so they could maybe help the environment and all the wildlife in it.

Gull felt very humbled now, because he had never even considered helping out a human if it was in trouble. Of course, he didn’t have the slightest idea how a seagull could help out a human anyway, but that was beside the point.

“Please accept my deepest gratitude for all that you’ve done for me, and all of my fellow animals out there,” spoke Gull solemnly, with a tear in his eye. “You’ve saved my life, and because of this film, you’ve almost certainly saved countless more lives. I’m very humbled.”

Rhonda and Reddy knelt and hugged him gently, with his unspoken permission, and he wing-hugged them both in return. They all stayed that way for quite some time. When their hug had reached its natural conclusion, they pulled apart and dried their faces. They all looked to Sunshine and Jay for what they were going to do next.

Jay and Sunshine looked at each other for a moment, then Sunshine blew one more handful of pixie dust in the air. As it came down, all of the crew from TDI appeared, along with a ramp and a large, pillowed pedestal for Gull, which he was suddenly on. Fortunately, enough dusty sparkles were all around to keep the crew completely calm about their sudden change in surroundings.

Jay stepped to the podium in front of the crowd. “Sorry about your sudden arrival,” she announced apologetically to her audience. “You already know your coworkers, Reddy and Rhonda. And I believe you’ll remember Gull from the film that they made together?” Jay nodded towards Gull. Gull bowed his head and “chirruped” briefly in acknowledgment. The crowd was a bit surprised at this, but they clapped politely. Sunshine smiled to herself and nodded, admiring her handiwork.

“I’m Jay, and this is my good friend Sunshine,” continued Jay after the brief applause. She looked towards Sunshine as she said this, and the Ravioli Pixie curtsied towards them. Polite applause and several ‘Thank you’s’ were heard from the audience as they pondered Sunshine’s wings.

“We wanted to announce that Gull will be receiving an award from several admirers of “Total Drama Island’s” Wildlife and Wildlands Cleanup and Protection Movement, WaWCaPM for short. This award is in recognition of Gull’s part in protecting and saving the wildlands and wildlife that day. I would also very much like to write his story, along with Reddy and Rhonda’s, and I’d appreciate any and all comments concerning the film and Gull. The award this seagull will be receiving is that of Featured Character in a short story or film.”

The crowd applauded and cheered, partly because they had all helped their two coworkers with this film by spreading knowledge of it to all their friends. This, in part, helped to get the WaWCaP Movement going.

“Reddy and Rhonda will also receive awards for their work, representing their love and protection for the environment. Unfortunately, these awards are still being manufactured, and will be presented to these distinguished filmmakers at a later date.” The crowd roared in applause and cheers.

Jay took a few swallows of her pink lemonade, which had been blipped in with the podium, during the applause, and continued. “First of all, we would very much like to thank all the folks who have made these awards for today possible. “Please ask any of them any questions you’d like to hear the answers to.”

Jay and Sunshine ushered up their distinguished guests, placed a microphone in front of them, and had Reddy and Rhonda stand on either side of the now chest level high Gull, who was enjoying his padded perch.


Many in the crowd hold up their hands to ask a question. Sunshine had thoughtfully blipped nametags onto them when they had arrived, so they could be called on by name, in case Reddy or Rhonda had forgotten their names, or in case Gull wanted to call on someone. This also meant that Jay could write her piece and include the questioners’ names.

Avi,” acknowledged Jay, “you get to ask the first question.”

“Thanks!” he acknowledged excitedly. “How thankful are you of the recent fame and success you’ve achieved?”

Reddy scuffed his foot on the floor, pondering. “Since this is really Gull’s award, we’ll let him answer all your questions, and we’ll answer any that he can’t,” he offered. Rhonda nodded her agreement with a big smile.

The crowd O_o’ed at Reddy’s suggestion, since they didn’t yet know that Gull could understand every word, and, thanks to Sunshine’s pixie dust, that he could even speak perfect English.

“Umm… okay,” Avi confusedly agreed, wondering what surprise they had in store.

“Well,” began Gull, but he quickly stopped when the entire crew gasped in surprise.

Sunshine stated, with an amused grin, “How did you think you all got here? I’m a Ravioli Pixie, and the floor here isn’t naturally sparkly, that’s my Pixie Dust, and it lets Gull here understand every word you say, as well as speak English, too.” She let out an amused, and delightful laugh that relieved all the tension from the audience.

“I’m as surprised as all of you,” Gull said to his audience. “I’m ready to answer as many questions as you can ask, if you’re ready,” he continued.

“Ah, yes, umm… How thankful are you of the recent fame and success you’ve achieved?” repeated Avi.

“Well, until I was brought here by the lovely Sunshine and Jay, I didn’t know what had really happened that day. Now I’m just really grateful that in some small part I could do my thing to help all my wildlife buddies. I guess I’m very thankful, too, since it means so many people care about me,” Gull added with tears in his eyes.

Applause followed, along with some still awestruck cheering. Gull chuckled.

Jay then asked all present, “Could we hold off on the applause until everyone has asked all their questions? Then we’ll all go eat, courtesy of WaWCaPM, and we can just talk.” Everyone agreed with the idea, and Jay asked the next questioner, Michael, for his question.

“How does it feel to have won?”

“Well, um.. I guess it feels pretty great,” Gull responded, while wiping his tears away with his wings. “I didn’t know I was so popular among you humans,” he smiled. “Now I’ll have even more stories to tell my bird friends,” he added, chuckling.

Bruno,” called Jay next.

“Have your life changed after the huge fame?”

“Well, I’m here speaking English with all of you, and you’re all listening to me, which is really, really amazing to me right now, “ stated Gull with some awe of his own. “But to answer your question fully, I guess I wouldn’t have as many kids without your help, and all my friends wouldn’t have such a wonderful environment to live in now.”

Michael’s hand went up again. Jay acknowledged him.

“How does it feel to be a duck, or whatever you are?

“He’s a gull,” responded Bruno, chuckling about the question. Gull chuckled, too.

“I’m actually really confused just now, to be honest. I’m a seagull, which means I hunt fish to eat by diving into the water. I usually look into the water while I’m floating, then grab any fish that gets close enough. Some of my friends actually dive into the water without landing, and sometimes I will too, but not often. I guess it’s a matter of preference, really. I eat land animals and fruit, too.

“But here I am, comfortably conversing with all of you about the wonders of winning an award for conservation awareness. I’m feeling quite human, too, so it’s like I’m living two different lives at the same time, I guess,” Gull concluded, deep in thought.

Jay let him ponder for a few moments.

After that pause, when Gull seemed ready for more questions, Reddy gently asked him, “What do you have to say to all the other Wawanakwa animals waiting for their own shot at fame?”

“Wow!! Great question!” responded Gull, happily leaving his troubled pondering behind. “Hmmm…. I’d say, become famous!! You’ll get to meet a lot of wonderful people and learn lots from them, besides which you might be able to help your own kind and learn to speak English, and have lots of folks really care about you. Enough so that these people will clean up your land and help you out if you get in trouble like I did!” Gull smiled at everyone there, knowing that he had a wonderful new human family he could turn to in times of stress. “And it’s a lot of fun!” he added.

Everyone chuckled at how enthused and happy Gull had become, and then Gull joined in, truly enjoying being here. Everyone soon quieted down, waiting for the next question to be asked.

Jay smiled and looked for another hand. “Kota.”

“How was life before the fame?” Kota asked.

“Well, … um…. I guess life was just normal, and I did my daily things as usual. I’d go out in the mornings to fish when the water didn’t have waves, much, bring home food for my chicks when they were growing up, and tell my wifey how much I loved her every time we saw each other. She told me the same, and we’d tap our beaks together.” Gull paused, reminiscing, then snapped out of it and got back to answering the question.

“Our chicks were always hungry, so I’d go out all the time when they were growing up, but now that they’re all grown up, I only fish three or four times a day with my lovely wifeykins.” Gull smiled at these wonderful thoughts, and sighed blissfully.

When Gull seemed ready for another question, Jay called Radi’s name.

“What’s your favorite hang-out place at Camp Wawanakwa?”

Gull paused for a moment to gather his thoughts, and then said, “Well, there’s this great little spot not too far away from the Camp where all the birds and I gather. I tell them my story about the 6-pack rings on my neck, and my adventures with Rhonda and Reddy.”

Gull looked at the two of them with a touch of embarrassment, and added, “What I told them about you wasn’t all that pleasant, although I did give you credit for getting that thing off my neck and probably saving my life. I’ve made a whole lot of bird friends there, and have become famous amongst them, too.” Gull chuckled a bit at saying he was already famous.

Everyone joined in with Gull’s chuckle, pondering the new idea that birds can be famous among their own kind. Several moments passed before anyone was ready to ask any more questions.

Fan, you’re next!”

“Do you believe you can fly? Do you believe you can touch the sky? Do you believe you can soar?” smiled Fan as she asked her questions.

“That sounds so magical!” exclaimed Gull delightedly. “Is it a poem?”

“It’s an incredible musical, called ‘Wicked’,” acknowledged Fan, “and the songs are often poems, but sung by humans.”

“I have GOT to see that musical!” exclaimed Gull. “And I really want to see and hear people singing such beautiful words to each other!” ^_^ emoted Gull.

“Hmmm…. In answer to your question, …. I know I can fly, and I’m sure soaring emotionally right now! I think that right now, right here, I am touching the sky! This is SO greeeeeeeeeeeat!!” sang Gull with a long, clear beautiful note, followed by an excited, “Whooo-hoooo!”

Everyone clapped and laughed and cheered, and it lasted for a whole minute. Jay decided it was time for a quick intermission and snack break, too. About 15 minutes went by, accompanied by a lot of happy chattering, before everyone was back from break. Jay had filled Gull’s newly placed water cup, and he’d had a meal of his favorite fruits, thanks to Sunshine.

When everyone had settled down again, and Gull was ready to answer more questions, a fellow by the name of Manatee was called on.

“How do you feel knowing that some people thought you were a female before reading your backstory?”

“Wait,” interrupted Jay. “Backstory? Has someone already written Gull’s story?”

“My pixie dust can also give us limited time travel powers,” Sunshine responded. “Your Gull’s Tale is quite popular in some places, and we’ve traveled forward in time so that more questions can be answered for it.” Sunshine smiled mischievously at Jay, and then winked at her. “It all works out in the end,” she concluded.

“Okay. Thanks?” replied Jay uncertainly. But then she just sighed and shook her head. She completely trusted her friend, and decided to just go with the flow.

Manatee looked at Jay and smiled, then asked Gull his question again.

“Well, our males and females look very much alike, just like with you humans,” said Gull with a touch of humor, “so you have a 50-50 chance of getting it right. I admire our females, so it’s an honor to be mistaken for one, actually,” Gull smiled.

Gull got to pick the questioners now, and he chose Cokeman.

“Did you ever enjoy the plastic rings around your neck?”

Gull stared at him a moment before answering. “No. Not only did they get in the way when I tried to fly, when I got to shore and was walking around, they almost got wrapped around my legs, too. And when I was fishing that morning, I noticed that I couldn’t swallow some fish because they were bigger than the rings, so I was having trouble eating, flying and walking because of it.”

Gull pondered a bit more before saying, “The only good thing to come out of that ring was all of this and my main two humans.” Gull looked at Rhonda and Reddy and smiled a bit before adding, “Would you like to know what I called them before now? I called you, Rhonda, “my human” since you carried me around so much, and Reddy was “the other human.” Then later on I called Rhonda “Redlips” because of her lipstick, and I started calling Reddy “her mate,” because you two did everything together.”

Everyone burst out laughing, and soon Gull realized what “everything” was being interpreted as, and joined in the laughter. Rhonda and Reddy turned a bit red, since their relationship was brand new then, and they really hadn’t known each other very well yet. They couldn’t help but join in on the good-natured laughter too, though.

“We’d only just met back then,” began Rhonda, “but we really clicked, and Gull here was how we found out we both loved environmentalism so much. Someday, maybe we’ll settle down and raise kids, but for now, WaWCaPM is our child,” Rhonda said, with her hand raised so the entire audience, and Gull, too, could admire her wedding ring. Reddy stood beside her beaming (smiling) from ear to ear.

The crew all knew about R & R’s wedding, but Sunshine, Jay and Gull had not, and gave their hearty congratulations to the happy couple.

A little while later, more questions were asked.

MrE asked, “What is 2 + 2?”

“Well,” responded Gull mischievously, “the human part of my mind says 4, unless they’ve been rounded off and the 10ths have not been written down. In that case the combination of 2.2 + 2.3 or higher could actually result in a 5, if the answer has a decimal 10th at or higher than 0.5. For instance, 2.3 + 2.4 = 4.7 rounded off would read 2 + 2 = 5. But that’s only if the people asking the question are being tricky about it.”

MrE looked decidedly shocked, then began to smile as Gull continued.

“The seagull part of my mind is saying either fish hooks or a fishing net, because of the hook pattern. But combining my now human/gull mind, my answer is two parents and two kids = a happy family. A song my human mind has heard is, “One plus one is three,” because that was their first baby together, and they were very happy.”

MrE smiled and clapped, along with everyone else. Gull bowed, human-like. Everyone chuckled, including Gull.

Rhonda spoke up before anyone else could ask their questions, and asked Gull, “What do you plan to do next?”

Gull thought for a moment and replied, “Well, go live my life with my wife, I suppose. Although, “ he added after a brief pause, “it would be fun to hang out around you humans, too, now that I can understand your language. I could only do that if my wife could be with me and understand everything, too, though,” Gull said, while looking hopefully at Sunshine. Sunshine smiled and nodded at Gull in response. Gull grinned back elatedly, imagining his possible future, now.

Gull thought some more about that question, from his human perspective, and added, “It would be fun to help you meet some of my bird friends, and maybe other creatures, if this pixie dust lets me understand all languages as well as yours?”

Sunshine responded, “I’m doing all of this for Jay, so she can write all of your animal friends’ stories. Therefore, you will also be able to understand all the animal languages, Gull.”

Jay happily hugged Sunshine, being careful of her wings, and gushed, “Thanks again so much, Sunshine!! This is totally wonderful!!”

Gull chuckled, and said, “Thank you very much, Sunshine. This means a whole lot to me, too.”

IzzynDawnFan then asked Gull, “How do you feel knowing that the island is currently a toxic waste dump?”

Sunshine then time-warped TD:ROTI into their minds, so that Gull and Jay would know what IDF was asking.

Gull was terribly saddened. “Our environment is horrible, now, although some of the wildlife seems to be doing okay, in spite of the biochemical waste.” Gull began to cry. “Give a hoot, don’t pollute!” he hollered, remembering an old television advertisement.

Reddy comforted Gull some by reminding him, “That’s part of what we’re hoping to prevent elsewhere, with our environmentalism Movement. We’ve also put a lot of effort into cleaning up all that waste and rescuing the wildlife. Interestingly enough, the wildlife there seems pretty happy.”

Everyone cheered for Reddy and the Movement, and the mood became a happier one again, even for Gull.

To help with the cheering up, Rhonda then asked Gull, “How is the Loon?”

Gull was O_O. He’d been very careful not to be seen by them when he was helping Loon out. “Umm… she’s doing really well, actually. Her husband and she have had several broods, and they’ve done a wonderful job raising them. They’re very happy together.”

Now it was everyone else’s turn to O_O. “Umm… so…ahh, What did she need my lipstick for?” asked Rhonda, although she could now guess.

Gull giggled, and looked at Rhonda. “She asked me for help in winning over her guy. I’d seen you putting it on your lips, so I suggested it for Loon, too.”

Everyone was flabbergasted, and suddenly realized that seagulls are pretty darn smart birds. Even without pixie dust.

Rhonda smiled at Gull mischievously, and asked, “On a scale of 1-10, how awesome are Reddy and me?”

Gull quickly wing-hugged both of them, and replied, “Your awesomeness is off the charts epic!” Gull turned towards everyone present and added, “You’re all epically awesome, too!”

Everyone cheered, and got tears in their eyes at the same time.

After a few moments, Rhonda asked, “What’s it like working with Jay?”

Jay scooped some sparkles off the floor for Gull and herself, and thought of being given an award for her writing Gull’s story. Then she threw the dust on both of them so they actually could answer this question. After a few moments, Jay knew how well Gull’s Tale turned out, and how many folks loved it. "Wow!" thought Jay to herself. "I’m really glad I wanted to write this story!"

Gull replied, “She’s really kind, and cares a lot about other peoples’ feelings. Like when she threw pixie dust on me earlier. She was trying not to frighten me even more than I already was. She takes her time, and doesn’t pressure me to think of things to say for her story. My story, really.”

Jay looked up at Gull shyly, and said, “Thanks, and you’re welcome, Gull.” They looked fondly at each other for a few moments, for they were both now aware of the award they’d received for Gull in “The Gull’s Tale”.

Shane,” called Gull, when the moment was over.

“Do you have any stories where some bird of prey was chasing after you? And you nearly lost your life as a result?”

“Wow!! Good question. And thankfully, no, since my kind lives in flocks, even when we nest, so we take care of our own. And other birds know this, so they don’t attack us unless they’re young and inexperienced. Those are the guys that are easy to chase off, too,” Gull replied.

Shane asked, “Have you ever stolen any food from humans? If so, describe the one story where you were nearly caught by said humans that you stole from.”

“I sometimes like to go to the TDI Tucke Shoppe when there are no people around, and pick up those delicious bits that people drop on the ground. I suppose that’s stealing, maybe. I can hear pretty well, though, and I’ve never even been close to being caught except by these two beside me.” Gull smiled at the twosome while he said that last part, and they were smiling back.

MTDM,” called Gull.

“Are you surrounded by loons?”

Everyone laughed a bit at this, given their current situation, but Gull’s laughter was heard above everyone else’s. When it all died down, Gull replied, “Sometimes I sure feel like it, and as a matter of fact, I’ve become good friends with the loons of the lake. Ever since I helped Lady Loon get Rhonda’s lipstick, I’ve been very popular with them, so sometimes, yes, I actually am!”

Nico,” Gull called, thoroughly enjoying this new adventure.

“Do you think cake is a lie?”

“Hmm… Interesting question. I think of cake as fluffy and light, with lots of sugary icing on top. It’s really easy to eat, too!” Gull laughed at his own joke. “But that makes fruitcake a lie, even though I like fruitcake a lot.”


Bruno looked sad, and reluctantly asked, “How do you feel about the other gulls from Wawanakwa, now that they are mutated?”

“To be honest, I haven’t met any of them, and I’m not sure we even speak the same language anymore,” Gull replied sadly.

Sunshine raised her hand. “Sunshine,” Gull said, since she was standing close by.

“Does it upset you at all that much of your fame comes from the image of you trapped in the plastic 6-pack rings?”

“Not at all, since that image is a big part of why people are interested in helping the environment,” replied Gull.

Sunshine asked another question. “How’s Ms. Loon doing?”

“She’s very happy, and we’re still friends and keep in touch. She and her husband are very much in love, and my family and hers sometimes eat together.”

“Hmm..,” continued the friendly Pixie, “Do you like ravioli?”

“Don’t know. I’ve never tried it.”

“Would you like some ravioli?”

“I suppose it couldn’t hurt to try some.”

“Have some ravioli,” Sunshine laughed, as a bowl of it magically appeared in her hand.

“Don’t mind if I do,” laughed Gull right along with her, for her good cheer was infectious.

“This is delicious!” Gull exclaimed after only one bite. “I’d love the recipe.”

Everyone chuckled again, enjoying watching Gull enjoy this new-found delight, and they all took another short break while Gull happily finished off the entire bowl and washed it down with some lime-water.

“I’ll be addicted to human food after this awards ceremony is over,” proclaimed Gull after everyone was settled in again. “Webly, we haven’t talked with you yet.”

“Do you like to read?”

“I’ve never actually read anything, … well, except your nametags, but this human part of me enjoys reading. I can even remember some of the things I’ve read. This is weird.”

“I’ve given you the human memories of someone I know,” Sunshine said to Gull offhandedly, while winking at Jay.

“Are you a secret agent like Perry the Platypus?” asked Webly, not noticing the wink.

“I’m afraid I don’t know him,” Gull responded apologetically. “But if being here makes me a secret agent at all, then I’d love to be like him,” Gull said wistfully.

Kevvy,” Gull called next.

“How’d you get the plastic 6-pack rings on you?”

“I was diving down to get this great fish I’d spotted, and I guess I thought this was some kelp, because when I came up with the fish, this thing was around my neck and I couldn’t get it off. I couldn’t swallow the fish, and I was going to take it home to my lovely wife, but I couldn’t even fly with it on. It kept flopping around against my wing and grabbing at my flight feathers as I started taking off, and I didn’t want to injure my wing, so I stopped flying then.”

There was some murmuring in the crowd, then Gull called, “Jake.”

“Question: Squak. Squak. Squak. Squak.”

“I’m not sure I understand your question, Jake, but I believe you’re speaking duck-ese. I think you were just calling your ducklings? Very nicely asked. Great imitation, too,” Gull chuckled.

The audience chuckled some too, and Jake good-naturedly took a bow.

Jay stepped forward and asked Gull, “Do your wife and kids like or dislike humans because of what happened?”

Gull paused for a moment before answering, “My wife just worries about me more, but my whole family is grateful for what R & R here did. They just mostly steer clear of humans. None of us have ever really liked or disliked you folks, because until now, we’ve never understood you. You also mostly leave us alone, so we’re good with that.”

There was a comfortable silence for a moment as everyone considered Gull’s words.

Gull then noticed another hand in the audience. “Trey.”

“How much wood would a seagull chuck if a seagull could chuck wood?”

Everyone politely laughed, and then Gideon from the back added, “How about ‘How much sea would a seagull see if a seagull could see sea?’”

Many laughs followed, and Gull, using his human memory replied, “A seagull would see as much sea as a seagull could see, if a seagull could see sea. I just see lake, though.” He bowed to the applause, and then added, “If sticks are chucked, then I chuck a few onto my nest every year, but we mostly use dried grass and feathers. I’d guess I would chuck as much wood as a seagull could chuck, if a seagull’s nest needed wood,” Gull laughed.

There was applause for Gull’s joke, and then no more hands were raised.

Jay then stepped forward and said, “Thank you to everyone here and for all their wonderful questions! Since there are no more questions, we’ll begin the actual award ceremony!”

Awards Ceremony and Thank You's

Jay then pulled out a sheet of paper, and began reading.

“This award is given to the nominee with the most votes. We would like to thank all the other nominees for running, and wish them the best of luck in future. These include, in nomination order, Penelope, Michael, Nianah and Chloe. You are all worthy competitors, and we’re honored to have been in the running against such wonderful competition! In a fascinating turn of events, there was a LOT of controversy as to whether or not an animal should be eligible. I guess we know how that turned out,” Jay smiled, and the audience responded with polite clapping and some cheers.

“I’d like to thank all of the folks who voted for Gull to be a Featured Character. They are, in no particular order, as follows:





Fan Of Stuff










“I’d also like to thank Gull’s one oppose voter, Nduke, for helping to raise animal equality awareness for these awards. Thank you, Nduke! He likes Gull, too, he wanted everyone to know. He just wasn’t sure Gull was FC material. And thank you to everyone who defended Gull’s right to run.”

Jay then continued reading from her script, “Gull was simply an unfortunate bird that ended up in the right place at the right time, and was rescued and made famous by Rhonda and Reddy, two of the camera crew of the now infamous Total Drama Island. Thanks to all three of them, environmental awareness now has a new champion! I’d like to present this Gilded Chris Featured Character Award to Gull. And just for you, we’ve made it very light so you can carry it. And it floats, too!” Jay laughed a bit. “It’s made out of wood with lead-free paint and varnish, so it won’t get waterlogged or splinter!”

There was polite applause as Jay presented the award to Gull. As he humbly accepted his Featured Character award, everyone in the room stood and cheered for him.

Then “Speech!! Speech!!” the whole room began to chant.

Gull’s Speech

Gull raised his wings for silence, stood on his pillowed, raised platform, took a drink of water, and began.

“A few hours ago I was just a simple bird who’d had an adventure. Now it seems I’ve been filmed, interviewed, asked questions and become famous, all because of that piece of plastic junk around my neck. Not only do I now have many wonderful human friends, here and around the world, I’ve won an award for helping the environment! And I can amazingly speak English as well as all of you!

“But all I’ve done for this is be a victim of litter. This award really belongs to all of you out there, for caring about me and all of our animal family. But most especially this belongs to Reddy and Rhonda for saving my life that day, and being creative enough to help prevent other wildlife from suffering the same fate. Hooray for loving nature!!” Gull enthused, while raising his Gilded Chris in the air with one wing and giving an epic, but happy, Gull scream for the crowd.

Everyone was overjoyed. Not only for Gull and the environmentalism work they’d accomplished, but now the ceremony was nearly over, too.

Everyone congratulated Gull, Reddy and Rhonda, and Jay thanked everyone for coming. The meal was full of excited talking, and everyone really enjoyed meeting Gull and learning his side of the story. Jay interviewed Gull, Reddy and Rhonda, and was able to write The Seagull’s Tale, which became popular among the fans of Total Drama Island.


Eventually, everyone except Reddy, Rhonda, Gull, Jay and Sunshine were blipped back home, unsure if they should tell anyone about this wild adventure. Jay wanted to write more Tales about Total Drama Island from the animals’ perspectives; Reddy and Rhonda wanted to be able to keep in touch with Gull, now that they knew each other so well; Gull was ready to return home to his unpolluted lake; and Sunshine was thrilled to have shown her friend, Jay, how to use pixie dust and become an animal whisperer.

Sunshine gave Jay a few more tips on how to use this amazing sparkly stuff, gave her another bag of it, then sent everyone else home. It had been a long and amazing day.

Sunshine hadn’t forgotten her promise to Gull and came home with him, then threw a handful on Gull’s family so they could understand and speak English, too.

A Note For Readers

I wrote this somewhat over the top for the humor aspect. Hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for reading!

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