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  • Kenzen11


    November 22, 2012 by Kenzen11

    So some of you may remember me, I was here a while ago and I left without a word, I was just gone. I honestly don't regret that, I had been drifting away for a while and Total Drama was starting to bore me, the episodes hadn't been good they hadn't been airing, and I felt the show had started to wear thin with how much I could put up with.

    Furthermore I had felt that the community here didn't really have any hold on me, when I was younger I pushed people away because I was obnoxious, loud, and I didn't know what lines I should not cross, now I am shy, I would say hostile but Its only half true, and to sarcastic for my own good, I push people away now too, I just tend to never get lucky. Now I know that it wasn't all of you but most times I …

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  • Kenzen11

    As of now I have no quiting plans, just a quick calming notion, you know... unless you want me gone, if that is the case then too bad. :D

    To start off I am nearing the end of the year and my studies are taking a toll, odd sleep habits, time sucked up, final lurking, it is honestley getting stressful, so that should explain my severe inactivity lately. Now, I have Total Drama Grasslands which I will finish and to be honest it will be a one shot show, so only the one season and then I am done, and now if I don't finish it by summers end I don't know if I will finish as my personal future is unsure, whether I lose intrest or just get a social life I don't know but for now I am here to stay.

    My school will be top priority until June and don't ex…

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  • Kenzen11

    So my wikia-versary was yesterday, I had no blog in mind so I didn't post one, I chose to today for a few reasons.

    Yep, I am considered by wiki age an elder of the wiki, though I joined after the first big spurt of people. I have done alot, but am I done? Simple answer: no. I have one last thing I want to do, Total Drama Grasslands my long, long, long, longer than long awaited fan fiction, and after that my status here is iffy. I say this as I am entering my sophomore year of high school next year, and that will be (hopefully) back in public school, and who knows I might get a social life...

    And to end that on a good note, Total Drama Grasslands news! I have plans and I will carry oput those plans, tentative date fore airtime: June, 5th. I d…

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  • Kenzen11

    Hi everyone, I was one wikia chat the other day and noticed some things that brought to my mind, though wikia chat is not really new new we as a wiki have yet to set up rules that pertain to the chat. So I asked Sprink, if I could add some rules to the list in existence of wikia rules, here are some of the rules in my mind for the chat:

    1. No cursing on the chat, this does not include "damn" "crap," "sucks," or any words used in Total Drama. Using asterisks (*) are okay, but in moderation.
    2. Be mature, though you can be somewhat immature, we ask that you try to stay on the topic everyone else. (Needs to be worded better)
    3. Verbally harassing users in anyway will not be tolerated.
    4. No spamming. You may repeat a message if it is missed in a surge of mes…
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  • Kenzen11

    So.... Pokemon Black and White are getting a sequel, yes a sequel not some third game remake, a sequel. That said I now want to party. xD. B&W were great in the way of they had storyline, amazing storyline, well better than the past, so I am really exited for B&W2.

    For the non blievers here are some links:

    Enjoy, let your feelings known, I will be buying the one with Black Kyurem. Enjoy, and Goodnight.

    UPDATE: Not sure if its a direct sequel or a Remake, but I think and it is highly highly suggested to be a direct. If it was a remake why didn't they just do Pokemon Gra/ey?

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