aka Sam

  • I live in North Carolina
  • I was born on September 14
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Mrdaimion

    Hey! For people who don't remember me, I was a pretty big user (or I was a moderately sized user that was also very narcissistic, one of the two) on here from like... 2010-2012, I think? Big enough to be a featured user and to have my stories get a pretty good amount of readers (even though I never finished any haha). I know it was long enough to be before Sprink deleted all his stories, at the very least. The biggest story I wrote was Mutant Academy, which wasn't particuraly great but it was good for a 13-year-old (and it was also WAAYYY longer than it needed to be, it was like 30k words by the time I finished four chapters, and then I gave up on it), if that helps jogs people's memories.

    I haven't really gone on the wiki in like four year…

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  • Mrdaimion

    gosh dang

    March 7, 2013 by Mrdaimion

    though I realize this blog is gonna seem really random and short

    I was looking at my past blogs and messages to other people and stuff and

    wow I used to be a jerk.

    I mean gee wilikers, mrdaimion more like mrdramamaker AM I RIGHT

    I'm not trying to be all angtsy here or anything, this is just a quick blog post to, ya know, apologize for all of the times I wasn't being very nice to anyone- like what was I on when I thought my last blog was a good idea- my rant blogs were also both pointless and angry and aaa (Especially apologizing to Gideon, now that I think about it, I'd fight with him a lot more then I should have.)

    so uh

    yeah not sure what else to say- by the way, i guess you can kinda consider this my leaving blog? i mean i'll probs still come o…

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  • Mrdaimion

    I'm sure you've all heard about gay marriage.

    Well, long story short, I think it's a terrible idea. Why? Stay tuned.

    1. Being gay is gross, and all gay people ever want to do is make out with other guys in front of everyone else, and that's just wrong. (Cool if they're lesbians, though.)
    2. Hey, God came up to them before they were born and told them about being gay. It's their fault, they knew the risks and decided to be a freak anyways.
    3. Gay marriage has been banned for a long time so we shouldn't change it (which is also why women should still be property and black people should still be slaves, but I'll get to that another time).
    4. If we allow gay marriage, more people will decide to be gay (like how hanging around with tall people makes you tall).
    5. Bei…

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  • Mrdaimion

    Rant: Gamers

    October 30, 2012 by Mrdaimion

    Let me just get this straight first: I love video games, and this rant doesn't apply to all gamers- it just applies to certain kinds. Or, more specifically, when they do certain things.

    Now that I've finished being incredibly cryptic, let me get started:

    (oh yeah also I curse in these and stuff so avert your eyes children)

    Alright, let me clarify what I mean by Hardcore/Casual gamers: I don't hate people who classify as one, or who consider themselves to be one of the two (and, for those wondering, I consider myself to be more "middle of the road").

    What I hate about these is more the idea of it- I mean, what defines a Casual or Hardcore Gamer?

    If someone hacks Modern Warfare 3, but ends up becoming top of the Leaderboard because of it, does that…

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  • Mrdaimion

    Mini-Rant: Amanda Todd

    October 14, 2012 by Mrdaimion

    jeez I haven't done one of these in forever

    Yeah, you all know the drill. This rant will probably be rather small, but the fact that this is getting so huge is so stupid I feel like I need to do a rant about it. (also, for once, I won't be cursing in this, so people of all ages can read)

    Well, Amanda Todd is, in short a girl who about a month ago posted a video about how much trouble she was going through in life and about a month later ended up killing herself. For the longer story, I'm going to be taking it from the Facebook page dedicated to her:

    "This girl, her name is Amanda Todd. She posted a video on YouTube a few days ago. She was bullied so bad it led to suicide...
    She was in a webcam chat group to meet up with new and old people. Th…

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