1. Maulik
  2. Lois
  3. "Chicken"
  4. Rosalinda
  5. Cecil
  6. Elka
  7. Salvatore
  8. Katheryn
  9. "Sarge"
  10. Gretel
  11. Esteban
  12. Deb

Pretty much all of my stories have been put on the back burner while I deal with school stuff. I really miss writing, I wanna get on with TDL and everything, but I've been going from my epic computer that I've used for years to a new cruddy one every day, so everything is getting backed up. I think I'm going to cancel my story I'd Like to Thank the Academy - An Owen Story. I really don't have any plans for that, and I'm not in any rush to start that. TDWT basically did everything I was planning to do with that.

Anyway, I felt like giving all my newbies some theme songs. Enjoy. Or don't.

The others still need songs!

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