Survivor: IRC Island


Wolfgang, Toadgamer80
Number of contestants
Honey Badgers, Honey BooBoos, Merge
November 24, 2012
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Welcome to Survivor: IRC Island! Teenagers from across the world compete for a chance to win bragging rights. Hosted by Nalyd Renrut.

Season Summary

The game started out with thirteen contestants; Anamaria, Ben, Brisbane, Cornelius, Courtney, Fire, Jake, Johnny, Logan, PJ, Trey, Wizard, and Wolfgang. They were split into two teams; the Honey Badgers and the Honey BooBoos.

On the first day, Anamaria and Ben quit. The Honey Badgers won the first challenge, and the Honey BooBoos voted out Courtney.

On day two, PJ and Wizard of the Honey Badgers both quit. The Honey BooBoos lost the second challenge and voted out Trey unanimously.

The two teams merged on day three. The final seven competed in an immunity challenge, which Logan won. Brisbane was voted out by everyone, despite having an idol. She gave the idol to Cornelius.

On day four, a division was formed in the final six. At the vote, three people voted for Jake and three people voted for Logan. Jake lost the tie-breaker challenge and was blindsided.

Johnny quit on day five. Fire won the challenge. Cornelius accidentally voted for Wolfgang instead of his rival and former teammate Logan. Cornelius used his idol to save Wolfgang, but ended up being voted out himself.

On day six, the final three had no challenge, but had to vote each other out. Logan, who was considered a threat to win the game, was voted out by Fire and Wolfgang.

On day seven, Fire and Wolfgang were asked questions by the jury; Brisbane, Jake, Cornelius, and Logan. Wolfgang won the game, getting all four jury votes.

Contestant History

Contestant User Original Teams Merged Team Place Total Votes
Anamaria Manatee12 Honey Badgers 13th Place
First Quit
Ben Ben109 Honey BooBoos 12th Place
Second Quit
Courtney COKEMAN11 Honey BooBoos 11th Place
First Voted Out
PJ Reddude Honey Badgers 10th Place
Third Quit
Wizard Auror Honey Badgers 9th Place
Fourth Quit
Trey EnTrey Honey BooBoos 8th Place
Second Voted Out
Brisbane Joney Jaxswim Honey Badgers Merge 7th Place
First Jury Member
Third Voted Out
Jake Jake R Honey BooBoos 6th Place
Second Jury Member
Fourth Voted Out
Johnny XrosHearts Honey BooBoos 5th Place
Fifth Quit
Cornelius OHF Honey Badgers 4th Place
Third Jury Member
Fifth Voted Out
Logan Fanny Honey Badgers 3rd Place
Fourth Jury Member
Sixth Voted Out
Fire FireFlameVG Honey BooBoos Runner-Up
Wolfgang Toadgamer80 Honey BooBoos Winner

1: An idol was played, so one vote cast against Wolfgang did not count.

Voting History

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1st Wolfgang Johnny Trey Brisbane Logan Logan Logan WINNER
2nd Fire Trey Trey Brisbane Jake Cornelius Logan LOSE
3rd Logan Brisbane Jake Cornelius Wolfgang Wolfgang
4th Cornelius Brisbane Logan Wolfgang Wolfgang
5th Johnny Courtney Trey Brisbane Jake QUIT
6th Jake Courtney Trey Brisbane Logan Wolfgang
7th Brisbane Johnny Wolfgang
8th Trey Courtney None
9th Wizard QUIT
10th PJ QUIT
11th Courtney Johnny
12th Ben QUIT
13th Anamaria QUIT


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