Radical M Radical M 24 February 2013

The Top Ten... er, Nine Oscar Best Picture Nominees

It's the return of my old blog series The Top Ten... er, Nine. I had to cut it down one place because in this case, there are only nine movies to rank. Because today, I'm going to rank all nine Academy Award Best Picture nominees in order from the worst to the best.

Before we start, I'd like to point out that I think that all of these movies are good (not necessarily great, but they are all good). Even #9 would probably be worth your time, so don't think I didn't like a movie because it's low on the list. With that in mind, let's begin the rankings.

Surprise! I'm sure this movie won't win the Academy Award, but in my opinion, it should. Even Django didn't have as many likable characters with unique personalities as this one did. And that even…

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Radical M Radical M 13 January 2013

Change of Plans

This is a short little blog that I'm making just to inform you of things.

I was planning to make my Best of 2012 blog this weekend, since I do that every year and I couldn't resist doing it again. However, I recently found out that I'm going to an Oscar screening, where AMC Theatres is showing all of the Best Picture nominees on one day. Since I assume some of those would be contenders for my Top 10 Movies, I decided I'm going to wait until then to make my Best of 2012 blog. Unfortunately, the screening is in February, so don't expect to see the blog (or me, for that matter) until late February. Sorry :(

Anyway, hope you guys are doing well without me. Less than three.

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Radical M Radical M 21 November 2012

The Blog I Never Thought I'd Write

Yep, this is the blog that you've all been expecting. Warning: it might be kind of long, but I feel it's important.

I remember thinking a year or two ago of leaving the wiki, and honestly found the thought scary. That might sound weird, or even lame, but it's the truth. There was an attachment I had with all the people here that I couldn't describe. So the choice was kind of simple... I didn't leave.

Things change. It's hard to believe how much time has passed since I joined the wiki. How many friends I've made here...

To get to the point... I'm leaving the wiki and I don't know if I'll be coming back. I've thought about this decision A LOT and I just feel like it's time. I'm sure most of you are wondering why and I honestly wish I knew mysel…

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Radical M Radical M 23 September 2012

I'm Not Dead

As the title suggests, I am still a living, sexy, breathing human being as I always once was. I know I was only gone for a week, but I feel the need to make a blog to explain my disappearance. It can be explained pretty simply in three words...

My computer sucks.

The hard drive crashed and I lost all my stuff. So you got a new hard drive, right Radi? WRONG. The computer was completely shot and it was unusable. So you got a new laptop, right Radi? WRONG... KINDA. I'm using my sister's old laptop now, but it's the exact same model as my laptop, so it's pretty much the same computer.

So what does one do for a week without the Interwebz? The answer is simple. I played the CRAP out of Borderlands 2. Ridiculously fun. The week flew by. XD

Anyway, up…

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Radical M Radical M 28 August 2012

The Top Ten Reasons I Don't Have The Top Ten Finished Today

10. I was too lazy to start over the weekend.

9. I went over to my friend's house yesterday to play the most geeky yet fun board game I have ever played.

8. Once I got home, I immediately became horribly sick.

7. I slept through all of yesterday.

6. I'm still sick.

5. I still want to sleep

4. I'm still lazy.

3. Despite reasons 6-4, my dad had my brother and I paint the entire west side of our house for hours.

2. I'm still not done painting. This is just part of my 10 minute break (Thanks dad!)

1. America's Got Talent is on later tonight and I'm still too lazy.

Fear not, peoples, for I will have The Top Ten up tomorrow, most likely. Now laugh at my blog because I'm just that funny and devilishly sexy. :D

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