In one of Redvivor's most star-studded casts ever, 17 legendary characters from throughout Redvivor lore come together to compete against one another. With their pride, their dignity, and their legacies on the line, this season, no one is safe. From iconic blindsides to heartbreaking eliminations, from genuine friendships to bitter rivalries, this is Redvivor: Game Changers. Who will rise above their competition to claim the most competitive Redvivor crown to date? Thankfully, we already know. Because it happened last night. For seven hours. *sobs in corner*

Immunity Challenges

# Challenge Winner Voted Out
1 Tug of War Teamana Lindsay
2 C4 Nukunuca Yejide
3 Unscrambling Teamana Cole
4 Immunity Vote Ezekiel Ika
Satan Marianne
5 *Brawls* Nukunuca Kris
6 Merged Tribe Name Ezekiel Barbie
7 Redvivor Auction SJWario Myra
None SJWario
8 Code Combos Satan Chanel
9 Hide and Seek Fauna Satan
10 Recollection Hayley Fauna
11 Coconut Chop Ezekiel Hayley
12 Endurance Tinsley IronSheik

Contestant Tables

Castaway Previously Original Tribe Merged Tribe Voted Out Total Votes
Redemption Island (9th)
Greece (3rd)
Nukunuca 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Reddy vs Fire (6th) Teamana 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Avery FireFlame
China (5th)
All-Stars (12th)
Nukunuca 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
Mamanuca (8th) Nukunuca 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Hawaii (1st)
All-Stars (2nd)
Teamana 5th Voted Out
Day 12
That Epic
India (1st) Teamana 6th Voted Out
Day 15
Ashley Hikari
Portugal (7th) Teamana #LegendsOnly 7th Voted Out
Day 18
Australia (14th)
Reddy vs Fire (3rd)
Nukunuca 8th Voted Out
Day 21
Canada (7th) Nukunuca 9th Voted Out
Day 21
New Zealand (9th) Teamana 10th Voted Out
Day 24
Philippines (7th)
All-Stars (11th)
Teamana 11th Voted Out
Day 27
Angola (1st)
Greece (2nd)
Nukunuca 12th Voted Out
Day 30
Peru (1st) Nukunuca 13th Voted Out
Day 33
Greece (10th) Teamana 14th Voted Out
Day 35
Redemption Island (1st) Teamana 2nd Runner-Up
Day 36
Mister.. E.
Hawaii (11th)
All-Stars (1st)
Nukunuca Runner-Up
Day 36
India (4th)
Japan (4th)
Nukunuca Sole Redvivor
Day 36

1 6 votes against Satan were nulled thanks to a hidden immunity idol.

GC Voting

* IronSheik played a phony idol, resulting in him receiving one penalty vote.

** Hayley used the double-vote pen, making her vote count as two.

Memorable Moments

  • The Legendary returnee cast spanning from Philippines to Mamanuca.
  • The cast walking into the game as this played.
  • The game opening up with a INTENSE, HARDCORE workout session between FitnessBarbie and Chadrick, much to Marianne's disgust and overall discomfort.
  • The six former winners all aligning almost immediately, and all the associated drama thereby.
  • Lindsay thinking Redvivor was actually the Ridonculous Race and that they would race in pairs!
  • Lindsay happily accepting the presidency after being the first person voted out.
  • Cole replacing Lindsay and causing a shitstorm to erupt between himself, Tinsley, and FeministBarbie.
  • Myra Sartain and Cole go head to head, with Myra putting shit in Cole's bag to establish dominance.
  • This becoming the main drama early on.
  • Yejide's strategy of swaying under the radar backfiring when no one felt connected with her.
  • Cole and Tinsley's intense rivalry ending with Cole's almost immediate elimination.
  • The entire roleplay being postponed just so Cole could play and be sent home early.
  • Cole, the sexist douche, winding up on a tribe of mostly women. (:
  • Tinsley being paranoid that Cole had somehow found an idol during his time on Exile.
  • Ika overplaying at the beginning and turning almost everyone against herself.
  • Ika telling Hayley that she wanted to vote out Fauna thinking there was an all-winners alliance, apparently forgetting that Hayley had also won in the process and getting voted out as a result.
  • Marianne not watching any Redvivor seasons post-All-Stars. *ReddyProbst's heart shattering*
  • Marianne bringing back her vaguely cantankerous personality and being totally exasperated with the cast, being among so many young, fit people and being with Ezekiel for a third season in a row.
  • Marianne being an immediate target on her tribe, surviving the first attempt at her blindside before finally meeting it head-on at the hands of the one true Satan himself.
  • The reactions to seeing Marianne voted out for the first time ever.
  • The devilish alliance that formed between Satan and Chanel upon revelation of the winners alliance.
  • Chadrick and Kris being at the mercy of Satan's alliance after Marianne left.
  • Kris attempting to bring back her cutthroat strategy, only to find herself cornered after the winners had been exposed and not being able to save herself from Satan's tyranny.
  • The collective sigh of relief after the merge was announced.
  • The merge basically being Satan's alliance against the winners, with the winners alliance managing to gain the upper hand thanks to loyalty from Tinsley and SJWario early on in voting out Barbie.
  • Barbie's shtick of being every single profession making its comeback for this game, with such icons as FeministBarbie, FarmerBarbie, ReporterBarbie, PriestBarbie, SatanicBarbie, etc.
  • Barbie being almost universally adored on chat only to become the first post-merge casualty.
  • A majority mounting against Satan, only for him to play an idol and blindside Myra.
  • IronSheik playing a phony idol and nearly sending himself home after Satan played his idol.
  • Myra jumping on Chanel and tearing the bitch apart for daring to vote against her.
  • Myra's legendary OTTN character and journey throughout the season.
  • Myra playing her message in a bottle twist, triggering a vote immediately after her blindside.
  • Satan managing to survive this vote after the winners alliance and company turned against SJWario.
  • SJWario being sort-of screwed by yet another Redvivor twist, having no shot at immunity.
  • SJwario's character throughout the season, where he would yell at ReddyProbst for calling everyone "guys" and ask everyone to stop using the word "bitch" repeatedly. A true beacon of social justice.
  • SJWaluigi being robbed from making his appearance. Waaaaaaaaa.
  • Chanel sustaining so many injuries from Myra's attack that it prompted Fauna to break out the Redvivor Medical Kit 2.0: another rock. Apparently, the medical treatment was much more effective.
  • Chanel being one of the season's HBICs with how she controlled her tribe pre-merge along with her consistent rivalries with her fellow mean girls, Myra and Tinsley.
  • The winners alliance taking full control over the game by voting out Chanel, Satan's closest ally, thus leaving Satan all alone as IronSheik and Tinsley scrambled to work with the winners.
  • Satan, lord of darkness, meeting his unceremonious end at the final seven.
  • Satan being the season's main antagonist and putting absolute fear into the hearts of every winner.
  • The winners alliance finally crumbling at the hands of Hayley leading the charge to blindside Fauna.
  • Fauna still being the most adorable Redvivor superfan ever.
  • The heartbroken reactions to seeing Fauna voted out for the first time ever, to the point where some people (*cough*Dra*cough*) won't even acknowledge the fact that it happened.
  • Fauna kissing ReddyProbst after being voted out, declaring that she had waited three seasons to do so.
  • Hayley laughing that she was playing the middle in her confessional at the final five, when everyone had voted against her almost immediately after the immunity challenge was over.
  • Hayley's blindside at the hands of her own alliance after she had pretty much controlled the entire game.
  • The jury being floored to see Hayley leave so much that they began to support Tinsley for once.
  • CK roleplaying as Audrey roleplaying as Hayley for the entirety of the roleplay.
  • Something something something BUBBA.
  • IronSheik making it all the way to the final four... somehow.
  • IronSheik managing to become unironically loved by the end, in that he actually had people rooting for him.
  • The final four vote where Tinsley was determined to force a tiebreaker no matter what. After the first tie, Ezekiel agreed to let Chadrick change his vote so Chadrick could secure at least one jury vote in the end. Tinsley, bratty as ever, then decides to change her vote, resulting in another tie, where IronSheik is finally eliminated from the game. Oh, and he's pissed, so Chadrick gets a jury vote anyway.
  • Tinsley managing to win the final immunity challenge against three strong men and NOT get 4th place.
  • Ezekiel and Chadrick's bromance throughout the game as two of the more bro-y winners.
  • Chadrick selling ReddyProbst various BROGRAM™ products in PM throughout the game.
  • Ezekiel still being a rap star wannabe and constantly previewing his mix tape on the main chat. (ay yuh ay yuh)
  • Ezekiel becoming the new Marianne, being one vote away from winning Redvivor a second time.
  • Tinsley's typical rich bitch attitude leading to everyone writing her off and allowing her to perfectly play the middle between Satan's alliance and the winners at the merge.
  • Tinsley finally making the end of Redvivor and winning against two former winners after two close finishes.
  • Tinsley, of all people, winning.
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