• Reddude

    Or so that's what the word is on the streets.

    Just come on chat at around 8:30 pm EST and get reddy for Redvivor's thrilling 22nd installment!

    If you don't come? Rude.

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  • Reddude

    EBB Chapter 4

    June 10, 2016 by Reddude

    Easy, Breezy, Beautiful's fourth chapter will be out by Saturday night!

    This is likely unrealistic but it's my attempt to get me to work on it so people on chat and in comments pls peer pressure me thanks :)

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  • Reddude

    Redvivor Canada

    June 4, 2016 by Reddude

    Fifteen brand new castaways trek into the Canadian wilderness for Redvivor's groundbreaking new season. Split into three tribes and faced with evolved challenges, insane compatriots, and generational conflict, just who will survive to claim the title of Sole Redvivor?

    And to top it all off: the RP world's very first (and hopefully only) super idol goes off like a loaded gun.

    # Challenge Winner Voted Out
    1 Flag Bringing Wade Kim
    2 Redvivor Jeopardy Wade Kappa
    3 C4 Trudeau Tommy
    4 Alphabet Soup Jepsen Matilda
    5 Merged Name SJWario Olenna
    6 Number GIFs/Endurance SJWario K'nuckles
    7 Redvivor Auction Debbie Deathrine
    8 Sandbags Angie SJWario
    9 Hot Potato Woo Angie
    10 Chain Reaction Debbie Woo
    11 Code Combos Debbie1 Brook

    1 Debbie was given immunity by Brook. …

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  • Reddude

    Redvivor is going to attempt to make its return this Friday, June 3rd! You all know the deal by now; just hop on the wiki chat at 8PM EST on that day and you'll be able to play!

    With the recent success of Toadvivor: Jamaica, I hope that Redvivor (and all of the other RPs planned for this summer) can contribute to the ~renaissance~ we're trying to jump start! Just to add to the hype, here's the season's logo! A very, very Canadian logo. (sun)

    Tune in for NEW and IMPROVED challenges (I mean it this time!) and all-new EXCITING twists that will add a unique flair to the season! All we need is a decent turn-out and I think we're looking at a Redvivor season for the record books!

    Oh, and did I mention Redvivor is the ONLY RP series with a cute, ful…

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  • Reddude

    Redvivor Winner Stats

    May 29, 2016 by Reddude

    (Nalyd Renrut)

    Ep. Voted For Votes Against
    1 CARL -
    2 Matt Matt
    3 Matt Matt, Mike & Richard
    4 Mike & Richard Individual Immunity
    5 No Tribal Council
    6 CARL Individual Immunity
    Jury Votes
    for Marco Matt, Mike & Richard, Satan
    Sole Redvivor, Day 18


    Ep. Voted For Votes Against
    1 Saison -
    2 On Exile Island
    3 Phill -
    4 On Exile Island
    5 DrSpaceman Individual Immunity
    6 DrSpaceman DrSpaceman, PV
    7 Saison Individual Immunity
    Jury Votes
    for Gia Mary, Riley, Town Crier
    Sole Redvivor, Day 21


    Ep. Voted For Votes Against
    1 Slurpie -
    YellowPikmin -
    2 Slurpie Individual Immunity
    3 Slurpie -
    4 Russell Individual Immunity
    5 Carter Angel, DudePerfect, Norwood
    6 Angel Individual Immunity
    7 Angel; Merudjina Individual Immunity

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