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    Redvivor Peru

    August 15, 2015 by Reddude

    It's back-to-basics here on Redvivor as 9 all-new castaways take on the harsh Peruvian wilderness. Lies, deceit, and A murderer in the mix-- who will come out on top?

    # Challenge Winner Exile Island Voted Out
    1 Backwards Cursive PrettyLittleLiar Hayley Cuddles
    2 Redvivor Trivia PrettyLittleLiar Hayley Tonton
    3 Sandbags TypicalAshChar Chris PrettyLittleLiar
    4 Musical Chairs Chris Juan TypicalAshChar
    5 C4 Chris Yana Vanessa
    6 Entrapment Chris
    7 Recollection Chris Juan

    Castaway Tribe Voted Out Total Votes
    GhostNoises ____LimA____ 1st Voted Out
    Day 3 4
    Sunslicer2 2nd Voted Out
    Day 6 4
    Owenandheatherfan 3rd Voted Out
    Day 9 4
    Ashley Hikari 4th Voted Out
    Day 12 4
    That Epic 5th Voted Out
    Day 15 4
    Shadowgeoff 6th Voted Out
    Day 18 5

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    Come one, come all, tell your friend across the hall~

    I'd like at least 12, but 14 is preferable. :p

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    Redvivor Japan

    July 10, 2015 by Reddude

    15 previous Redvivor castaways rise from the ashes of their failure for a second shot at winning it all. In a season filled with intense drama and betrayal, the series' second full-returnee cast is left with only one choice: kill or be killed.

    # Challenge Winner Voted Out
    1 Redvivor - The Movie Eiko Dr. Spaceman
    2 *Brawls* Eiko Taylor
    3 Unscrambling Shokan Toph
    4 Equations Shokan Lightning
    5 N/A Shokan1 IsterMe
    6 Merged Name Jaxdrown Christine
    7 Musical Chairs Tinsley2 ApocalypseMeow
    8 Code Combos Gloria Fig
    9 Sandbags Sarah Cathy
    10 Social Pyramid Midge + Sarah Shirin
    11 Prior Seasons Midge Sarah
    12 C4 Midge Tinsley
    13 Recollection Jaxdrown Gloria

    1 Eiko forfeited the immunity challenge to Shokan.

    2 Tinsley was given immunity by Fig.

    Castaway Previously Original Tribe Merged Tribe …

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    Voting has closed, and fourteen Redvivor alumni have survived the public vote and will move on to compete in Redvivor's landmark 17th season!

    The cast is as follows:

    Dr. Spaceman (EnTrey), from Redvivor: Panama;

    Midge (Shadowgeoff), from Redvivor: Australia;

    Christine (Toadgamer80) and Sarah (Sunslicer2), from Redvivor: China;

    Tinsley (Blondieee), from Redvivor: India;

    Gloria (Owenandheatherfan), from Redvivor: Angola;

    ApocalypseMeow (Ben109), Fig (Avery FireFlame), Jaxdrown (That Epic), and Melaine (TDfan10), from Redvivor: Sweden;

    Lightning (Mister.. E.), from Redvivor: Redemption Island;

    Toph (Ashley Hikari), from Redvivor: Greece;

    Xanthippe (COKEMAN11), from Redvivor: Easter Island;

    and Shirin (BrunoSomebody), from Redvivor: Chad.

    With alternates, from first to third, being C…

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    The pool has been filled. 14 will move on, nine shall stay behind. It's up to the wiki's finest to decide who gets cut and who deserves a second chance.

    Redvivor: Second Chances Voting Pool

    15th Place Chad
    4th Place China
    8th Place Easter Island
    12th Place Panama
    5th Place Sweden
    11th Place Greece
    10th Place

    18th Place Redemption Island
    4th Place Chad
    8th Place Sweden
    10th Place Australia
    6th Place Chad
    9th Place Cook Islands
    9th Place

    11th Place China
    4th Place Chad
    5th Place Panama
    10th Place Greece
    4th Place China
    12th Place Easter Island
    11th Place

    8th Place India
    4th Place
    • Voting will run from June 15th to June 28th.
    • You can vote in PM or on my talk page or in the comments of this blog; depends on how much you value privacy with this.
    • Ballots must consist of 1…

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