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  • Shadowgeoff

    La Croix is gross

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  • Shadowgeoff

    Rejectvivor today at 8:30 PM EST.

    Bring a failed character from a previous RP and come on chat to play!

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  • Shadowgeoff

    As the incumbent president Gideon Crawle serves out the last six months or so of his term, this wiki's eyes turn to the election of 2016 for a new leader to lead this wiki into the future and create a new tomorrow or something. In a tumultuous time of division and controversy, this really is anyone's game to see who will become President of the Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wiki. Which is why to run you need only fill out this form.


    Running Mate (Vice Presidential Nominee):

    Past Positions:

    Positive Qualities: 

    Campaign Promises and Goals:

    Why You Should Be President:

    Second debate will take place this Tuesday, June 21 at approximately 8 EST. Sort of like a real debate, questions will be asked, discourse will happen, and a bunch of bizarre a…

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  • Shadowgeoff

    The fourth season of Rejectvivor is scheduled for this Wednesday, June 10 at 7:30 EST! In case you're not aware, this RP series is intended to give users another chance to play characters who previously were eliminated early on or were just sub-par in prior RPs. This season also includes the added twist of Exile Island and a certain brand-new twist involving idols to be revealed at the RP.

    Comment below if you can make it!

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  • Shadowgeoff


    July 5, 2014 by Shadowgeoff

    So I had the idea for an RP where users play "failed" characters from previous RPs. They can be characters who were eliminated too early and you feel didn't reach their full potential, characters who placed decently but just weren't very good, characters that were good and did well but won't realistically ever get to play in their original series again (*cough*Firevivor*cough*), or just any character you'd like to play again.

    I want a cast big enough so I can do Redemption Island but not too big to where the RP will be Ovivor-length, so a cast of about 12-14. Sign-ups have closed.

    The poll came out 9-8 in favor of only having Redemption Island pre-merge, so that's what's going to happen.

    Intended Cast:

    • Biron Bickham (Bruno)

    • Aaron (Trey)

    • FaMulan …

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