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  • SpaceWeather

    Hey all been quite a while since I've written a blog post on here.  Just wanted to let y'all know that college is done for me, I've got my BA in Economics and I'm back home for good!  With this will come some actual activity on the wiki for me again!  So I wanted to let everyone know what I've got planned for the upcoming year or so.

    The first thing I'm going to do is begin a deep and comprehensive wiki clean up campaign.  There's plenty of clean up to do, and I have my eyes set on pages I put aside a while ago.

    Oh yeah, it's coming back!  I always wanted to have the dedication to follow through on this project, but just didn't have sufficient time to keep it going.  However, now with my hectic college schedule out of the way, and now that I…

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  • SpaceWeather


    December 23, 2016 by SpaceWeather

    Hi all Space here.  So I was looking through the wiki recently and I've found multiple collaborations sitting unfinished and unedited in a while.  So I thought I'd try to give a little insight into that.

    There are still active users who have contributed to this fic in the past.  Rhonda, SG, and MrE are all still fairly active last I checked.  So I'm wondering if any of you have plans to continue this fic, or if this is long forgotten collab will finally meet it's doom.

    This is mostly a message for Toad as to whether or not he wants to finish this story.  If not then I'll allow him to move the contents to a blog and then delete it.

    I honestly want to see this project continue going.  It was honestly fun, and most of the users who were causing …

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  • SpaceWeather

    • Character Creation and Development, hosted by Sprinklemist, posted 23 April 2010
    • Character-Story Types, hosted by Mroddy, posted 1 December 2015
    • Commenting Etiquette, hosted by Webkinz Mania, posted 5 May 2010
    • Description and Characterization, hosted by Tdiandrockmusic2 (aka TDIRM), posted 2 June 2010
    • Elimination Orders, hosted by Mroddy, posted 19 July 2015
    • Rivalries, hosted by Mroddy, posted 29 May 2014
    • Starting Your Story, hosted by Cards777, posted 29 July 2010
    • Setting Up Your Story, hosted by Rhonda the stalker fan!, posted 1 December 2015
    • Writing Style, hosted by Gideoncrawle, posted 18 April 2010

    Many times when it comes to Total Drama fanfiction one very important aspect of storytelling tends to be forgotten, and that is setting.  Often tim…

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    So I took a look at our current favorites tab today, and found that only a few stories there really met criteria to be considered current favorites.  Another thing I noticed is that one of those stories is Superstar Showdown, which is almost done.  So here I am looking for nominees to be the new current favorites.  The stories nominated have to have at least 3 chapters and have to have been updated at least relativey recently.  Comment below with suggestions and in a week's time (with the opinoons of other admins) I'll pick out stories that the wiki can consider our current favs.

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  • SpaceWeather

    Hey guys it's Space coming at you with my latest project, the TD Character Contest.

    Essentially I've taken 64 characters from the six seasons of Total Drama (no RR)

    Most of them are contestants, some are side characters thrown in for a bit of padding, and the bracket is done the fairest way I know how to do it... RANDOMIZATION!!!

    Yup the whole bracket is randomized, meaning there could be some really heavy matchups in the first round, but in the end it shouldn't effect the winner and that's who matters right.  My first round blogs will be posted in groups of four every day, and after three days they'll be decided at 9:30PM EST and the winner will be announced.

    Voting is straightforward enough, just vote for who you think is the better characte…

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