So hey guys I thought up a new rule to make life easier for the admins here on teh wiki.

So essentially the rule would be, "If any user has gone over one year without making a contribution (an edit) to the wiki then their work which has not had SUBSTANTIAL progress (half completed/under 10 chapters) can be deleted on sight by admins at their discretion."

The rule is basically meant to give admins convenience in deleting material which is at a short length (mostly from what I've found two chapters or less) from taking up too much of an admins time.  There are a few stories that I've continuously been on the berge of deleting but have been constantly barred from doing so because of their length.  Now I know a counter argument could be, 'you can just contact that user and wait a month'.  I'd just like to point out that many admins have had a problem with staying consistent on the wiki lately (aka Rhonda and I to name some) and are not always monitoring this type of content.  Sure it'll go into candidates for deletion but then it won't be touched for a month, and a few of the stories I've had my eyes on either stayed long past their due date on that list due to my spotty activity (that's a me problem for sure but, y'know, school) or have had their candidates for deletion tag removed by someone and I wasn't aware of it.  I even had one case where the tag was removed, my message to the author was removed, and I restarted the process all over again.  All to be duped a second time until I checked the history and realized I'd been played for a sucker.  Plus honestly this is really more for those one and done users rather than our usuals who stay and edit constantly... infact it doesn't impact our usuals at all.

So yeah it'd just make life for admins a bit easier and help keep clutter down in a big way!

Tell me what you guys think and admin feedback would really be helpful since we're the ones this new rule effects most!

If this rule gets enough positive feedback I'll put it into effect within the week, if it gets enough negative press I'll forget it.

I know I don't have to put this here in the open but I think it's important that our community gets a voice in this issue and all issues really!

Thanks for your time guys and don't forget to comment what you think.

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