Hi all Space here.  So I was looking through the wiki recently and I've found multiple collaborations sitting unfinished and unedited in a while.  So I thought I'd try to give a little insight into that.

Total Drama Idiots

There are still active users who have contributed to this fic in the past.  Rhonda, SG, and MrE are all still fairly active last I checked.  So I'm wondering if any of you have plans to continue this fic, or if this is long forgotten collab will finally meet it's doom.

Total Drama Culture

This is mostly a message for Toad as to whether or not he wants to finish this story.  If not then I'll allow him to move the contents to a blog and then delete it.

Total Drama: Return of the Rejects

I honestly want to see this project continue going.  It was honestly fun, and most of the users who were causing issues with it have gone away at this point (Zanna, Jordan, Mika).  So I have a few propositions for it.  Either...

A) New blog and new author selected for chapter five.

B) Bring in one of the previous author's for chapter five and continue it as a collab between the four of us.

C) I'll take the reigns on it and make it my own story.  I'd honestly go back and add/refine things for the sake of grammar, continuity and plot.  However I'd still have the wiki provide me with suggestions for elimination.

This project in particular I'd rather not see die, probably because I was so heavily involved in it.

Anyways that's all I wanted to say on the subject.  I'd really appreciate feedback from you guys down below in the comments.

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