So a couple of months ago I tried to plan out a massive and fun RP.  It'd be a multi-session, in-depth, character oriented RP.  Just one big fun thing to blow out the end of summer with.  This'd be held on the IRC of course.

So the premise is simple, it's the season after Pahkitew Island hosted by a new host (yours truly).  All characters are around the same age (16 or 17) so they'll have to be teenagers.

The RP itself should have anywhere from 14-18 campers, all of whom have distinct personalities.

Now the characters themselves are of the users design, however the user must follow the personality they set forth for themselves.  No massively OOC moments such as the scrawny nerd beating up the muscelbound jock, the fat slow guy being able to outrun the small quick guy, etc.  When you pick a character you stick to the character.

There will be plenty of time between challenges for interactions and decisions to be made.

Challenges will be straightforward and understandable, yet still challenging.  Most challenges will also allow for character interactions to take place, and will give both teams a chance to win.  However as I said before, it'd be unrealistic if the scrawny kid beat the musclebound kid in say an armwrestling competition.  So I'll create a ranking system for each character to fairly determine the outcome.

I'll also have a co-host (another position to sign up for if you want to be involved but don't want to play) who'll keep me honest and make sure all results are fair.

So if you're interested sign up below with a character!  Character signups should be as follows...

Character Name:

Character Lable:

Physical Description:

A Quick Summary of the Character's Atttitude and Behavioral Tendencies:

Activity Level (of the user signing up in terms of days per week):

Now this is just for the initial sign up.  If I find that any character is too, well too perfect, I'll ask said user to tone down their character to make it fair for everyone else.

So that's it for now, sign up if you're interested and we'll see how many people we get!

Admitted Characters

  1. Abe: The Abraham Lincoln Impersonator | Played by: Trey
  2. Ryan: The Clueless Jock | Played by: Epic
  3. Tesla: The Out of Touch Inventor | Played by: Ben
  4. Nellie: The Negative One | Played by: Rhonda
  5. Melanie: The Flirty Yogi | Played by: Plat
  6. Eli: The Quiet Wallflower | Played by Ashley
  7. Abbigail: The One Direction Superfan | Played by: Kvng
  8. Emerson: The Obsessive Super-Fan | Played by: MrE
  9. Rosey: The Austrailian Devil | Played by Totaldramalego
  10. Willow: The New-Age Retro Hippie | Played by: Georgie
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