Okay, so we all know that the quality and participation in the featureds has been going down hill over the past few months.  We've have candidates winning that truthfully, may not deserve the win.  Participation is of course low due to the poor quality of candidates under featured categories.  The latest and most heinous example is this month's Featured Story which ran unopposed and only garnered one vote of support.  This cannot continue happeneing or else we'll be throwing undeserving candidates in with hard working users, good quality stories, or deep likeable characters that have won before.  So here's my propostion, we should put Featured Story, Featured User, and Featured Character on hiatus for a while.  These are the three main categories which have truly run out of good, quality candidates and have little participation.

Why Featured User?

We really don't have many, if any, truly deserving candidates left.  Not to knock those who haven't won yet, but we're running out of deserving users.  I think it should be given a six month hiatus in order to bolster up new candidates, and give existing users time to prove why they deserve the title.

Why Featured Story?

Identical to Featured User, not many deserving candidates left.  Not to mention the chronic lack of participation in this category.  I'd like to give it six months to build up the number of quality candidates for the title.

Why Featured Character?

While there are many desrving characters left... most of them are from the same stories/same authors as many already featured one's.  I'd just like to give this category time to bolster it's numbers and variety, especially variety.

Why Not Featured Quote and Featured Image?

These two categories are near infinite in their possible candidates.  There are always great singular quotes and images from stories and such that deserve to win.  So yeah, these two could stay open.

What Do You Guys Think?

So I've already spoken about this to a few other admins, but I want to get everyone's opinion on the issue.  Please leave a comment below telling me what you think about the issue and whether or not you'd support/oppose this move.  As always thanks for reading!


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