Hey guys it's Space coming at you with my latest project, the TD Character Contest.

Essentially I've taken 64 characters from the six seasons of Total Drama (no RR)

Most of them are contestants, some are side characters thrown in for a bit of padding, and the bracket is done the fairest way I know how to do it... RANDOMIZATION!!!

Yup the whole bracket is randomized, meaning there could be some really heavy matchups in the first round, but in the end it shouldn't effect the winner and that's who matters right.  My first round blogs will be posted in groups of four every day, and after three days they'll be decided at 9:30PM EST and the winner will be announced.

Voting is straightforward enough, just vote for who you think is the better character.  That can mean a lot of different tings to different people, so go by the definition that you support.

I'll be posting the Blogs every three days between 4PM and 9PM EST so be on the lookout.  I'll be recording the results here in the hub at 10PM EST when the winner is decided and the first blogs go up tonight at 8PM.  Hope y'all will have fun with em, and I'm not going to put restrictions on who can vote, only that you can only vote once per match up.

Hints for Upcomming Matchups

Paranoid vs Whimpy

Unstable vs Snarky

Gross vs Magical

Wise vs Abused

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