We have the Hall of Fame for gameplay and strategy, now it's time for the Hall of Fame based on characters! This is, of course, in association with Fedora's strategy and game play based Hall of Fame.

The essential basis of this Hall of Fame is to analyze the best/most likable/awesome characters from each seasons cast.

The rules are simple:

1. One nomination per user with at least 100 main space edits. Each nomination must have a valid reason behind it. No nominations will be turned away, however the nomination still requires explaining.

2. One vote per user with at least 100 main space edits.

3. If a tie occurs it will be up to a majority vote to decide the winner.

4. There will be three Hall of Famers per season.

5. Please just try and have fun with this guys!

Without further ado let the nomination process begin. Nominating will close on Friday, August 8th at 10:00 pm EST. I'll allow everyone else to nominate characters before I throw in my final nomination on Friday. Let's get this show on the road shall we!


Gwen nominated by Ottocrap

Trent nominated by KvngDragon

Izzy nominated by Toadgamer80

Geoff nominated by Owen Hardy

Heather nominated by Rhonda the stalker fan!

Bridgette nominated by Georgie99

Leshawna nominated by SoaringSpirits

DJ nominated by SpaceWeather

Initial Votes

  1. Gwen: 4 votes ( Ottocrap, Fedora Kid, Gideoncrawle, Freefalling Lilacs )
  2. Izzy: 4 votes ( Toadgamer80, Rhonda the stalker fan!, Zannabanna, Totaldramalego )
  3. Trent: 2 votes ( Fyrexx, KvngDragon )
  4. Heather: 2 votes ( Reddude, Platypus09 )
  5. DJ: 1 vote ( GalaxyRemixZ, SpaceWeather )
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