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    So essentially what this is about... I want to make a user oriented hall of fame on the wiki.  We have featured user but I want a place where users who are no longer around are commemorated for their acheivements here on the wiki.  What I'm thinking it'll end up looking like is a cool page where wiki allstars from times past are put up and a detaied record of their accomplishments are posted so that users can remember them fondly.  Now I'm only posting this blog looking for feedback from more longtime wiki users cause I'd like this to be a way to better represent the wiki's history and acheivements.  I'd be looking for those of us who knew these users and would be able to catalog their acheivements and perhaps give a bit of insight into wh…

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  • SpaceWeather

    So hey guys I thought up a new rule to make life easier for the admins here on teh wiki.

    So essentially the rule would be, "If any user has gone over one year without making a contribution (an edit) to the wiki then their work which has not had SUBSTANTIAL progress (half completed/under 10 chapters) can be deleted on sight by admins at their discretion."

    The rule is basically meant to give admins convenience in deleting material which is at a short length (mostly from what I've found two chapters or less) from taking up too much of an admins time.  There are a few stories that I've continuously been on the berge of deleting but have been constantly barred from doing so because of their length.  Now I know a counter argument could be, 'you ca…

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    Hey guys, first off sorry about the week long absence.  It wasn't my intention to dissapear for a week, but it happened so yeah.  Now while I'd like to tell you all my absence was for work, school, activities, or even just me needing a break, that's simply not the case.  In fact I've wanted to come here all week, but I was prevented by a force that was entirely out of my control.  However, being gone for a week somewhere else has given me the clarity to finally come clean about a few things.  As many people here have poured themselves out to me in the past, I think I'm finally ready to pour myself out to everyone.  So here goes... I have three actual mental diseases in ADHD, severe social depression, and the last one that hurts the most...…

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    With the first week of Reality Realized under way let's get into my scores

    I’ll start off with the positives here, Carson is an awesome host.  He brings a personality all his own to the story, and manages to be both despicable and loveable at the same time.  His comments on the airship and opening scene were great, and he flipped the switch so easily between nice guy and jerk.  He’s already my favorite character hands down and he brings a lot to the show that I’m looking forward to seeing.

    Then there’s the cast of characters… and this is where things start falling flat for me.  Now there were a few minor standout characters like Bennet, Michelle, and Julian who each were pretty interesting in their own special ways.  Kyle kinda got interesti…

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    Baja California, the western most coast of Mexico, is a land filled with sandy beaches and ravaged by the drug trade.  It was here that nine new warriors, nine new SpaceVivors tested themselves to see who could come out sole SpaceVivor!

    SpaceVivor Tribe Voted Out Finish Total Votes

    Xavier Begrund



    1st Voted Out

    Day 3

    9th 4

    Missy Payne

    Ashley Hikari



    Day 5

    8th 0

    Vince Sly



    2nd Voted Out

    Day 6

    7th 5




    3rd Voted Out

    Day 9

    6th 5

    Ethan Aiello



    4th Voted Out

    Day 12

    5th 4




    5th Voted Out

    Day 15

    4th 4

    Hiyoko Saioji



    6th Voted Out

    Day 18

    3rd 4

    Sonia Nevermind




    Day 21

    2nd 2

    Junko Enoshima

    Ginga Ninja Jack


    Sole SpaceVivor


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