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    This RP is a GO!

    May 20, 2014 by SpaceWeather

    Okay guys so we have everyone all signed up!  Here's the final roster of people we got!

    1. Reddy
    2. Sunny
    3. Epic
    4. Trey
    5. Mika
    6. OHF
    7. Bruno
    8. Liam
    9. Dyna
    10. Benji
    11. MrE
    12. SG
    13. Toad
    14. Ben
    15. Dylan
    16. Alex
    17. Dra
    18. Kvng

    Alternates (aka if you don't show up, they play in your place)

    1. Plat
    2. Me/Mana (Cause if need be I can have Mana take over XD)

    Okay so the main debate about this whole RP is the characters being used in it.  As the host (with my duo of collaborators) I've come to the conclusion the best way to do this is to have me (and le duo) come up with names and stereotypes, then have everyone audition for the characters they want.  It'll be explained in more detail when the next blog comes out, but I feel it's the best thing to do.

    Now I'm hoping we can get the first meeting in in late May/early June. …

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  • SpaceWeather

    So essentially I had this idea, "How about a multi-day, immersive RP in which users have their acting and playing skills tested?"  Now I'm following through on that concept.

    This RP would take place over a span of probably 3 or 4 sittings.  Each sitting would likely cover anywhere from 4-6 episodes and last about 2-3 hours.  Now this whole concept is meant to allow each player to develop their character, and have sufficient time to interact with the others.  It also allows for a far more immersive RP experience than we're all used to.  Each episode is like any other RP episode, there's the pre-challenge banter, the challenge, the post-challenge banter/strategy, and finally the elimination.  However it deiviates in givining more time for all…

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  • SpaceWeather

    Okay so I bet you've all seen the ads in terms of wikia's main YT channel.  So that kinda just put a cool idea in my head, why not have a YT channel diplaying the content on the wiki?  I mean it could be a collaborative effort between all the users here and run by some of the admins.  We could come up with some show ideas and put them into action, I already have a few in mind.  So I just wanna know what y'all think, and if we all agree maybe we can put this into action.

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  • SpaceWeather

    Okay first of all hi guys, I'm back!  I'm so so sorry for being gone so long... but I had a major issue.  My old laptop, and the only way I could get on the internet period, finally crapped the bed.  Now I've been able to fix the old hunk of junk in the past, but this time it really went.  Apparently something either sparked or just overheated to extremes... and it caused the inside of the laptop to literally catch fire.  Luckily the fire only damaged the laptop and a nearby usb, so my other belongings and I are unharmed.  Unfortunately that laptop, as I said, was my only true means of using the internet for leisure.  In short, I had to buy a new one.  Now that alone took some convincing of my mother, (stingy aboout spending money, includi…

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  • SpaceWeather

    So... I'm am admin now eh?  It feels just so... well it's honestly not what I expected.  Sure as heck I feel a ton of joy with my recent promotion, but besides that I feel the same as ever.  Still just regular old Space, but then again it's not like gaining or losing powers really should affect someone.  Eh I'm rambling a bit, I'm just sooooo damn happy guys!  I just wanted to send thanks to everyone, cause without y'all there wouldn't be this amazing opportunity for me.  Now I remember back when I became Featured User I gave this grand thank you to a ton of people.  I know if I broke this down into individual thank you's it'd take up paragraph after paragraph, and it'd get really damn sappy.  So I just want to thank everyone here as one g…

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