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  • SpaceWeather

    So yeah I'll be keeping track of every Spacevivor Cast and what I personally thought of them here.  I'll also be ranking the seasons based on how good they were! :D

    Okay this was my first attempt at a SpaceVivor... and it was both a sucess and a slight failure.  The real negative to the game was the flow, it was heavily inconsistent and didn't help the season at all.  Considering it took almost 3 hours for an 8 person RP... it wasn't great.  However it did feature interesting characters, an amazing finals twist, and plenty of hilarious moments.

    Now Jason may have placed higher than Ryan... but somehow in someway he did even less.  He was INV1 all three episodes and was the definition of forgetable.

    Ryan got litterally... nothing.  He was the …

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  • SpaceWeather

    Contestants Teams Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 Ep4 Ep5 Ep6 Ep7 Finale


    Played by SG

    Team New



    Le Merge Jamez



    Scampi Mickle Mickie Jenzie Mckenna Winner


    Played by Mika

    Team Zealand Jakira's Jacksons Le Merge WIN WIN WIN Crystal Mickie Jenzie Mckenna Runner-Up


    Played by Nate

    Team Zealand Jakira's Jacksons Le Merge WIN WIN WIN Crystal Mickie Jenzie Jakira Nido


    Played by Toad

    Team Zealand



    Le Merge WIN WIN Scampi Crystal Jakira Mckenna


    Played by CK

    Team Zealand



    Le Merge WIN WIN Scampi Mckenna Jakira


    Played by Kevvy

    Team Zealand Jakira's Jacksons Le Merge WIN WIN WIN Mickle


    Played by Duke

    Team New Jakira's Jacksons Le Merge Jamez



    WIN Quit


    Played by …

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  • SpaceWeather

    Now... once more there has been a large chunk of drama which has occured between our users.  It's not the first (or last time) in which this has happened, but this time it carries severe implications.  The threat of having one of the wiki's most influential admins demoted looms over our heads.  The accusing party is claiming at times this person has abused his powers and made others feel uncomfortable.  Now for the mutual respect of this admin (despite people most likely knowing who he is) and the group of users pursuing his demotion I will not mention any names.  I would like to simply go over the positives and negatives in which I've encountered in this person and perhaps sway the opinions of others to a more... fitting conclusion.

    1. This a…

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  • SpaceWeather

    I'm Coming Home

    August 16, 2013 by SpaceWeather


    Oh and trust me I'm never going to leave like that again... ever.

    So I went around and tried at least 40 different wikis but... only one of them really fit me tbh.

    Even if that one wiki fit me it still isn't the same as coming here everyday.

    Like... this wiki is my home at this point and I promise I'll never leave like that again!


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  • SpaceWeather

    Ok so I said this on chat already, but I feel I should make this blog as an explanation to all those users not present at the time.  I will not be here until next Friday aka August 16th.  Now I'm not going because of outside circumstances or some other non-wiki related reason.  The reason I won't be here... is because as of late I've learned there's a lot more to wikia than just here.  There are hundreds... if not thousands of wikis I have yet to experience and perhaps even join.

    I recently joined another wiki as an experiment to see how I could fit in outside of here.  The results were far greater than I had ever hoped for.  I was very warmly recieved and in three days I've cemented myself as a well liked user (They actually called me one …

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