Soo....Yeah. I know I kinda lied about being able to be on a few times like I said I would, but a lot of things have happened since then. I've kinda of been... depressed? I guess that's the best word to use in this situation. Over the past few months I have been slacking at school, only showing up once every 3 weeks in school. Yeah, totally slack. But anyway, I was having some real major things going on my head, such as "Does everyone hate me?" or "Why am I not good enough", kind of those things that you associate with emotionally depressed people. I've also been having thoughts of... y'know, ending it? But it's never come to that point happily. Uhm, I kinda have been slacking in everything too, not going out to see my friends as much, or not talking to anyone at all for about 3 days. So, yeah. That's what has been happening with me. Oh, and I had my internet cut out for about 1 month. Yay. ;u; So finally I should be all bright and cheery, and be on chat, hopefully during the weekend but occasionally in the mornings, before school. On the writing part of things, I'm thinking that it might be best not to do that for a bit, as my writing right now kind of turns....twisted? xD But yeah, sorry for not being here. But tbh, I don't think much people care. :B

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