• TDALindsayfan1

    LOL hi..

    March 4, 2020 by TDALindsayfan1

    hi lol...

    I know it's been quite some time, and I genuinely don't even know how many of you are still around or if anyone around knows who I am, but uh... yea! I was searching around my computer and cleaning it out and found some wiki-related folders, and I just kinda wanted to dip in and ... idk... apologize ?

    I know it's weird to come back so many years later and apologize, but I was young and stupid and will never be able to explain why I did what I did (which, in case you didn't know, was lie and use this "Jessica" persona). I guess the best reason I can give is because I was truly just not OK with who I was, and I found this to be a better life for me to hide behind. And by the time I finally found myself and was OK with myself, I wa…

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  • TDALindsayfan1

    no way jose

    December 24, 2014 by TDALindsayfan1

    So, it seems I've gone inactive once more, but I promise I have a legit reason. :PP

    Recently, I've had SAT tutors and track stuff taking up my time, but I kinda have more free time after school now to do stuff here, and to be around more.

    I've completed chapter one of my new story, and I will eventually post it (I just need to edit), but I realized something.  I'm getting bored writing for my own characters, and I need some more stuff to do so I can manage my time better (believe me, when I have a lot more on my plate, I do work 10x better).

    I promise, I will finish my new story, and I also promise to finish a returning favorite (jk, it probably wasn't) that I just wasn't around to finish.

    Total Drama: Star Kingdom was one of my favorite stori…

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  • TDALindsayfan1

    Art Request

    November 21, 2014 by TDALindsayfan1

    Hi, all! :3

    Wondering if anyone could draw the 13 characters for my fanfiction?  Por favor?

    I would love if they weren't based on the TD characters outlines.

    If you do, I'll love you forever (and ofc I can repay you somehow).

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  • TDALindsayfan1

    November 16, 2014 by TDALindsayfan1

    So apparently my 5 year Wikiversary was like 2 weeks ago (and I joined in September 2009, sooo...). :\

    Um, I have had my inactive times and... well... other stuff happen, so, yeahhhh...

    Basically just want to say that this time, I'm planning on staying around for awhile (AND FINALLY FINISHING A STORY LOL).  I hope to get close to some of the newer users that I haven't really got to talk to yet, and I hope I can mend the bridge with those of you that I was close with before I went M.I.A.

    I would thank all the users that have affected me in anyway, but that list is way too long and definitely consists at least 75% of the users on here. :P

    I love you all.

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  • TDALindsayfan1

    I'm Sorry

    June 21, 2014 by TDALindsayfan1

    Hi, guys.

    I’m sorry.

    I do not expect any of you to accept my apology, but I thought I might as well try.

    This is long over-do. I want to apologize for everything. For all the drama I caused. For all the people I hurt. For all the betrayal I did. I was wrong.

    I may not be the girl I told you I was, but I was scared to open up to you all. I’m not exactly a very open person. I should’ve trusted you all, though (maybe not with whom I really am, but just not a fake 22-year-old). I just didn’t feel comfortable with sharing who I really am with you. I am not Brian, though. In that regard, I was not lying to you. He and I are two very different people. He is a great friend of mine but nothing more than that. He was the one that taught me …

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