Hi, guys.

I’m sorry.

I do not expect any of you to accept my apology, but I thought I might as well try.

This is long over-do. I want to apologize for everything. For all the drama I caused. For all the people I hurt. For all the betrayal I did. I was wrong.

I may not be the girl I told you I was, but I was scared to open up to you all. I’m not exactly a very open person. I should’ve trusted you all, though (maybe not with whom I really am, but just not a fake 22-year-old). I just didn’t feel comfortable with sharing who I really am with you. I am not Brian, though. In that regard, I was not lying to you. He and I are two very different people. He is a great friend of mine but nothing more than that. He was the one that taught me the ways of Wiki. But I swear to you that I am not him.

I know that none of you can trust me because of how much I lied in the past, but I hope I can earn some trust back in the future.

You may be wondering why I came back to tell you this. Truth is that I can't handle my life as is. I’ve had a rough year or so trying to go through life without people I could talk to without judgment (because no one can step out of their house without some judgment). I do use all of my friends as an outlet, but I missed people that did not know much about me other than what I had told them. That’s you guys. I really missed and continue to miss you all.

I really want all of the stupid things I did to just disappear, but I know that it isn’t as easy as that. I know I’m a horrible person for lying, but I needed to get away from my life and be someone else.

I needed to do this apology thing. For me and for all of you (because I’m a dirty stinkin’ liar).

There’s no need to call me Jessica anymore since I’m obviously not Jessica.

I don’t know how many times I can say this, but I really, truly am sorry. I hope, one day, I can gain your trust, again.

Good-bye for now.


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