So, it seems I've gone inactive once more, but I promise I have a legit reason. :PP

Recently, I've had SAT tutors and track stuff taking up my time, but I kinda have more free time after school now to do stuff here, and to be around more.

I've completed chapter one of my new story, and I will eventually post it (I just need to edit), but I realized something.  I'm getting bored writing for my own characters, and I need some more stuff to do so I can manage my time better (believe me, when I have a lot more on my plate, I do work 10x better).

I promise, I will finish my new story, and I also promise to finish a returning favorite (jk, it probably wasn't) that I just wasn't around to finish.

Total Drama: Star Kingdom was one of my favorite stories to write for, and I had a lot of it actually done, just not edited or posted (due to my hiatus).  I looked back at it the other day and I just felt so incomplete not finishing it, so I thought I might want to try bringing it back, but this time with a whole new cast.

I only need 16 characters [8 girls, 8 guys] ('cause I want to try to keep this with an average-sized cast and all, and I'm going to put two of my own in, so there'll be 18).  You can enter 2, one of each gender.

Thanks so much, and I can't wait to start planning and writing out chapter one!



  • Name: (your characters name)
  • Gender: (male or female)
  • Stereotype: (like The Arch-Villain for Alejandro or The Loner for Gwen)
  • Biography: (a short summary about the character)
  • Notes: (anything else you want to add)
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