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    I'M BACK...again.

    October 17, 2011 by Tdiandrockmusic2

    So, does anyone, anyone at all remember me? I don't blame you if you don't; it's been months since I last logged in, let alone worked on WoC. So what happened to me?

    Well, basically, I got a life outside fanfiction and TvTropes. Basically, I've gone through plenty of things in the last few months, and some of them were negative ( getting rejected by your first crush at a castle themed Chick-Fil-A...yeah, totally dignified.)

    But most importantly, one thing lately has taken over my attention: Star Trek. you see, my two best IRL friends are huge fans (i.e., go to the all the conventions huge) and they got me into getting a Netflix account so I could watch as well. Therefore, I'm also hooked on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as well, which is…

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  • Tdiandrockmusic2

    Winds of Change Chapter Three has been up for about a week now, and I guess everyone missed me posting it. So yeah, it's there.

    The semi-important thing is that I've decded to take a slight break from it. No, this does not mean a hiatus. I'm going to write a short story for Ace Combat only and let my creative juices flow for WoC 4, which is at least partially completed. The question is, does anyone want to see this one-shot? If so, I'll post it in my blog like Sunny did for Misery Buisness, and it would tie into WoC, especially Chapter 5.

    On a different note is anyone excited for Total Drama: Best of the Best? Admittedly, I just love the prospect of Sprink's characters returning, but so far, the All-Star selection has been great. I'm hoping…

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  • Tdiandrockmusic2

    For... whatever you're supposed to thank the academy for. XD

    No seriously, I'm in complete awe right now. Thank you whoever voted for me this month (I would have liked to have posted the name of my voters, but that is beyond my knowledge. I just got back from camp.)

    I'd at least like to thank Gideoncrawle, my faithful beta/editor/advisor, Sprinklemist and Fadingsilverstar16 for being great wiki friends, and the same honor goes to Sunshineandravioli.

    Reddude, Mrdaimion, and others who I can recall voting for me, you have my gratitude, and I will support you as you have supported me.

    On a more general note, now that camp is over, WoC 3 needs editing and posting. Hopefully that will be done in one night, otherwise you'll get the chapter tomorrow.…

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  • Tdiandrockmusic2

    So yeah, I haven't made a blog post in a while... again. I just don't have much use for this thing!

    So I'll just say a few things involving Winds of Change.

    1. It's done, Gideon is currently in the middle of editing it.

    2. WoC 4 is already underway, and I have a decent chunk of it done already. If I can manage to sit down and get the words flowing, it shouldn't be any time at all to finish it... but don't make any bets on it.

    And most importantly...

    3. All my work will be stalled starting the 18th.

    I'm going to this Green Arcitecture summer camp at Duke University, and I'll have no recreational computer access, at least, not what I've heard. So even though WoC 3 is ready to post, nothing can be done until I get back on July 2nd, unless I manage …

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  • Tdiandrockmusic2

    Okay, I've kind of fallen on a tiny slump for WoC, but I'm not falling off the face of the wiki again. Instead, I'll list my much anticipated Playlist! Unlike LAL, it's going to start small, but when stuff happens in the story, or I just find a very fitting song worthy of the Playlist. And unlike LAL, you, that's right, YOU can contribute. Just give me a link in the comments to a fitting song, I'll see if it fits, and if it does, I'll add it on. So far, the Playlist is as follows:

    Obviously, the Playlist will also be posted to the talk page of WoC, so no fiishing around my blog four months later looking for this one post, or I'll at least post a link.

    Also, I'm going to be using my blog to "enhance" my story by describing the setting of Usea…

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