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  • Toadgamer80


    September 17, 2017 by Toadgamer80

    Everyone's dying from dihydroxyacetone

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  • Toadgamer80

    Hey guys, so one of the big projects I told myself I'd do after I finished Total Drama: Superstar Showdown is a ranking of every contestant from my five-story canon. I've been compiling this on Google Docs over the past month or two, and this ranking is basically decided by how much I liked writing for them, if I thought they added something good to the story, if they were funny, stuff like that. So feel free to comment your thoughts below if I egregiously rob somebody!

    62. Cammy - I have more than a few characters who I wish I didn’t create, so choosing a last place was pretty hard, but I decided to give it to a character who had potential but just turned into something awful. As a result, even in a cast as bad as TDRev’s, Cammy sticks out …

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  • Toadgamer80

    The End of an Era

    August 20, 2016 by Toadgamer80

    Well, I guess I should start this off by saying I'm not leaving the wiki entirely and I apologize if anyone had a heart attack by reading this because obviously my presence is so appreciated on this wiki. But I finished Total Drama: Superstar Showdown the other day after exactly 4 years, tomorrow morning I'm heading to college to start my sophomore year, and I just feel like this is a nice time to reflect and stuff.

    I've devoted a weirdly large amount of my life to writing Total Drama fanfiction, now that I think about it. I started planning Total Drama School about a week after I started 8th grade, after first getting into Total Drama in 6th grade and proceeding to make various fake seasons in notebooks that all somehow ended up with Ezeki…

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  • Toadgamer80

    Toadvivor returned for a fifth season, this time heading to the tropical island of Jamaica, where 11 all-new contestants competed for a familiar cash prize. After a slow start, the season eventually picked up thanks to divine intervention, and between screaming matches, blindsides, and repeated failed attempts to quit the game, this installment of Toadvivor proved to be a memorable one.

    # Episode Challenge Immunity Voted Out
    1 "Giants Get Slain Easily" Hoist Up the John B Sail Marley Jim
    2 "Did Somebody Say Blue Label?" C4 Marley Rina
    3 "U Suck Clitoriteseses" Jamaican Unscrambling Marley Kate
    4 "You Are Absolutely A Casual"  Merged Tribe Name Jason1 Scot
    5 "Damn, That Defense Forme THiCC" Musical Chairs Jason1 SURM
    6 "My Daughter Has Autism"  Folklore Ants…

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  • Toadgamer80

    Hey guys, it's been a while since we've had an RP, so I felt like kickstarting the trend right back up again. I'm not sure if this is going to work or if I'm going to get even close to enough people, but if I do, that'd be super cool, and hopefully a RP Renaissance will be upon us. Anyway, the tentative time/date for this is Saturday, May 28th at anywhere from 8-9 EST. If you've never RPed before and you want to try it, I'll be posting a link to the channel in the comment section of this blog right before we start. Hope to see some people there, and if not, I'll reschedule! I think! 

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