While it is the Total Drama Fanfiction Wiki, there's more to the Wiki than just writing fanfictions. Commenting on the talkpage of the fanfiction you are reading can definitely make you well-known in the community and help you make new friends, while you are trying to help the writer improve their fanfiction.

Below are a list of guidelines that can be considered helpful, average and not helpful or productive comments you can leave on someone's fanfiction.


  • Just reading and commenting would be nice and also very helpful to the writer.
  • If there are no comments by anybody or if there's not a talkpage, read and comment!
  • Recommending a Featured Story, Quote, Character or Image nomination, depending on what you like.
  • Stating your favorite parts of the chapter or fanfiction itself, along with telling what also could've worked better in several areas.
  • Participating in talkpage contests, which could lead to future plans or ideas for the fanfiction.
  • Pointing out some grammatical or spelling errors, if the author requests some help.
  • Specific, constructive criticism, that isn't going to hurt the feelings of the author.


  • Pointing out some plot issues or characters that should be revised and worked on.
  • Skimming the chapter/story and leaving a small comment.

Not Helpful

  • Making rude criticism to the author.
  • Attacking the user and/or their fanfiction.
  • Comparing a story unfavorably to another story.
  • Saying a story, chapter or character needs improvement, without citing a specific problem, giving a reason and/or suggesting an improvement.
  • Pretending to read or not being honest to the writer and saying you like it or hate it.

I feel like you should use this to help our your commenting and treat all users with respect. If you have a rude comment toward a user or fanfiction, don't say it. Try to keep things as positive as you can. You are trying to help out the writer and trying to express your opinion.

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