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  • I live in a house :)
  • I was born on May 19
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am just another person.
  • Webly

    As mostly everyone knows by now, I love television. I watch like every show on television. And, I'm really obsessed with the Emmy Awards (the nominations are announced tomorrow). So, it's fitting that I do my own award show because the Emmy's always snub really great actors. Here are my nominations:

    - Some categories have 7 nominations because I had such a hard time narrowing down the potential nominations. The Emmy Awards also have a few categories with 7 nominations every year.
    - Each category will have 1 winner. I will judge each category the same way the Emmy Awards judge each category. Anyone else is able to participate too! (but some shows are TV-MA)
    - I didn't include an animated program category because I don't watch enough ani…

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  • Webly

    Hey guys! For the past two years, I have done my renewal/cancellation predictions but this year I didn't do it because I didn't have much time. But, I do have a final update before all shows are renewed/cancelled this week as I have been making my predictions in a word document all year. :P This only applies to network television shows by the way. Most cable television shows renewals have either been renewed/cancelled. If you don't feel like googling it, then I can tell you if you need me too. :) So without further or do, here are my final predictions:

    IDK About These Shows

    • The Taste – ABC
    • The Sing Off - NBC


    • 20/20 - ABC
    • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - ABC
    • America's Funniest Home Videos - ABC
    • The Bachelor - ABC
    • Castle - ABC
    • Dancing with the Stars –…
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  • Webly

    Recommend a Show

    October 4, 2013 by Webly

    With the TV season taking off, I have decided to create 'Recommend a Show'. This is how it works: you comment on the blog, I will recommend you three current shows that I think you will love. Please tell me the shows that you already watch as well so I don't waste a recommendation. (If you forget to mention a show and I recommend that show to you, just let me know. lol) I will not give anyone my favorite show AKA Parenthood because well, I already advertise that enough. ;\ But anyways, I really think I can find a show to match personalities. I will add a section for that person's personality and I will recommend three shows: a comedy, a drama, and an other show as well. ALSO, if you don't watch certain types of shows, like with a lot of vi…

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  • Webly

    As all of you know, I like TV. That's a lie though... I love it.

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  • Webly

    Update. :P

    September 19, 2013 by Webly

    So, tonight I'm really really excited for Epic's Big Brother 2! I would just want everyone to know that after I'm voted out of this season, I will be leaving the wiki... for a while. I will eventually come back like I have in the past to finish a story (finally). But, my life is pretty terrible right now and I can't focus too much on the wiki. So, when I am not as stressed I will come back. However, I will be here as long as I am in Epic's game. I will try to spend less time in chat (let's be honest it won't be too much of a difference). I just want everyone to know that when I'm voted out, I won't be leaving out of anger - I will be leaving for personal reasons. I hope you all understand. ^_^

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