Dancing Bugs


Gender Male
Hair color Purple mohawk
Episode Eliminated "Super Smash Sisters"
Place 7th
Relationship None
Family Parents
Friends Donny, Ori, Tasia, Kavren, Antoine
Enemies Abbey, Lizza, Gustavo, Cammy, Trick
Fear Noodles (not in cups)
Talent Strategizing
Vincent is labeled as The Wisecracker in Total Drama Revolution. He was on the Dancing Bugs team.


Vincent was born in Australia to his mother and father. He moved to the United States at an early age. Ever since he was a child, Vincent strategized about everything. He strategized while he was playing Maplopoly, and about what order he should eat his food. Fortunately, he also had a corny sense of humor which he used in tight spots. When in middle school, Vincent began to notice girls. He decided to apply his strategizing ways to dating. When he had his first girlfriend, he made a list about what he should do every day with her, and the reasons to dump her. While on a date, his girlfriend saw the list poking out of his pocket. Vincent left to go to the bathroom, and the list fell out of his pocket. Well, once his girlfriend saw it, she was furious and dumped him. Vincent meant no harm, he just wanted to have a simple plan of what to do with her. He has never had a girlfriend since.

Vincent joined Total Drama Revolution to strategize and get a girlfriend.


  • Vincent's hair is based on Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Vincent's full name is Vincent Alan Mackiewicz, as proven in chapter 1.
  • Vincent's original label was The Funny Strategist. He didn't strategize that much, so I changed it.
  • Vincent was in the original version of the story. He was originally named Doug, and was originally an evil, scheming, sweet-talking character similar to Sprinklemist's Zane. His appearance was virtually the same. He got about 15th place.
  • I wrote a play about Vincent and Donny for language arts. They were the only TDR characters featured, but one of the characters was exactly like PJ, and one was similar to Northworth.


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