Team Misfitz


Episode Eliminated "The Gift that Keeps on Giving"
Place 8th
Relationship -
Friends Hannah, Saber
Enemies Britt, Ivy, Jade, Kaleb, Lexi, Zaina

Vishal, labeled as the Athlete, is a contestant on Total Drama Frozen.


Vishal was always in love with sports. They were his happy place, the ultimate test of skill. When he was younger, his dad would toss the ball around with him, and as he grew older, his parents would go to all of his games. He was a pretty popular guy, quarterback to his school's football team. His coach said he would go far, and he was always excited to see just what Vishal would come with next. He was quite the busy body after school, he always had some sort of practice to attend, no matter the season. He loved to see his parents smile when he scored a point, and would do anything to see them smile more. He signed up for Total Drama Frozen so that he could make his parents make the biggest grin, after he won of course.


  • In the orignal Frozen, Vishal placed 6th. He would still use his 'friends', however with help of Kaleb, his 'friends' clue-in and send him home. 
  • Vishal's artwork was made by Mana
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