Gender Female
Hair color Pink
Episode Eliminated "Sumo Like It Hot"
Place 11th
Relationship Kai
Family Beldam and Marilyn (sisters)
Friends Kai, Flora, Puck, Casey
Enemies Bennett, Gail
Fear Ghosts
Talent Disappearing randomly, fire-related stuff
Vivienne is labeled as The Spooky Romantic in Total Drama Tokyo.


Vivienne is very mysterious. Her past is unknown. Nobody knows that much about her, except for the fact that she claims to have special powers and has two rude sisters, who constantly put her down, call her ugly, and once ditched her for some weird kid who pretended to be a ghost and turned people into pigs, but they treat him even worse. She lives in a place that is always dark, known as Twilight Town, and apparently has no parents. Her best friend was a man named Mario who she was in love with, but he was too oblivious to like her back, and he liked another woman instead. He then left her to pursue bigger and better things, and she was heartbroken. She is now forever alone and depressed because of her sisters, and the fact that Mario left her forever. The only people she will talk to are boys, currently, and only the cute ones.

Vivienne joined Total Drama to get a boyfriend, and to win money.

Total Drama Tokyo


  • Vivienne is based on Vivian from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, which happens to be my favorite video game of all time. I was kind of dissatisfied with how I portrayed her, though, since she was pretty under-the-radar and didn't do much, similar to Neal.
  • The first two lines in her biography are the exact same as the first two lines in Julie's bio. This was on purpose.
  • Vivienne was originally meant to be in the first version of Total Drama Tokyo. She was scrapped for unknown reasons, then added once again when the story was revamped.
  • Vivienne was originally going to secretly be either a transgender girl, since the character she was based on is portrayed as a trans girl in Japan, or Dolph in disguise. I scrapped this whole plot because it was too confusing and didn't have the mood of the rest of the story.


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