Ward, the Tough Guy, is a character from BadAsp's fanfic Total Drama Alpharama.

Ward is an imposing figure at his high school. Though he's never actually punched, kicked, or laid a finger on anyone, he is intimidating enough that no one wants to get in his way. Even people who used to be the bullies at the school before he became a student there are scared of him now. His intimidation doesn't convince the teachers to give him better grades, though.

He is really skilled at sports, but the one sport he's good at the most is football! Though the other members of his team talk him into making out with one of the cheerleaders, Ward clearly has other things on his mind. So no romance for THIS quarterback!

Ward signed up for Total Drama Alpharama because he wanted to avoid being labeled a "bully", and it may work, since everyone else will be too afraid of him to even call him that.

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