Wendy, labeled The Clutz, is a contestant on Camp Total Drama. She is a member of the Confused Freaks.

Wendy -
Confused Freaks
Wendy ctd.png
Gender Female
Hair color Orange
Eye color Hazel
Episode Eliminated "Chapter 4: What's New Piggy-Cat?"
Place 18th
Relationship Jared
Family Mother, Father
Friends Lyla, Jesse, Peter, Dominic, Violet
Enemies None


Wendy has always been fascinated by the stars. Unfortunately, she spends so much time looking up at the sky that she spends very little time looking down at her feet. Wendy is, in the simplest terms, a clutz. Constantly tripping, falling, and accidentally hurting herself in any way possible, you’d think Wendy was more of a downer. Well, you would’ve thought wrong. Wendy is almost comically cheerful and does everything with a smile (and a slip).

Despite her frequent tumbles, Wendy actually considers herself to be pretty lucky. She has two loving, if a little worrisome, parents and high school doesn’t treat her too badly. Sure, she may not be the most well-liked person in her class, but those who do like Wendy like her a lot. She’s the sunshine of her school’s astronomy club and regularly holds bake sales to support them and many other academic clubs.

Wendy’s fellow astronomy club members suggested she sign up for Total Drama (and advised that she bring a helmet with her). Wendy’s parents were hesitant, not wanting to risk their accident-prone daughter getting hurt. But Wendy insisted that she’d injure herself no matter where she went, so why not make it at a summer camp where she could win one million dollars? Plus, Wendy knows she can watch the stars in the clear night sky every night on an island far away from bustling cities and her small town.


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