Wentworth, labeled as The Fat Gamer is a character in Total Drama Tourism. He is one of the ten newcomers and was a member of Team Electric. He returned for Total Drama Vegas City and was originally on the Poker Chips team.

Team Electric
Poker Chips
[[Image:Wentworth TDVC|center|150px]]
Gender Male
Hair color Orange/Brown
Episode Eliminated "Crouching Chloe, Hidden Nianah"
Place 7th and 1st
Relationship Jessica
Friends Dax, Sparky, Chloe Harold, A bunch of other nerds, Nianah, Isley, Mudkip, Sherloch, Roxanne
Enemies Chuck
Fear Video game withdrawel
Talent Playing video games, knowing stuff about video games


Wentworth loves video games and has been collecting games since he was three. He was born in the late 80's and his first word was game. He parents knew that he loved games so his father gave him a Super Nintendo for his third birthday then got an NES and Game Boy later. When he got older his parents noticed that he had collected a bunch of games and thought he should sell some but he didn't want to. Many of his friends were nerds (including Harold) but one nerd became his closest friend. That particular nerd was Dax. And he make friends with another guy named Sparky who was super good at electronics. When Dax left for Total Drama Oweguy Wentworth and Sparky spent time playing games and watching Total Drama which both of them didn't know what it was. The two watched Dax compete after watching TDI and hoped he would win.

Total Drama Oweguy

Total Drama Tourism

After Total Drama Tourism

Wentworth continued to hang out with his nerd gang until he decided to go to college. He wanted to take a course that went with his love for gaming so he decided to go to a college for game designing. Wentworth later graduated with said degree and soon got a job at a video game company in his hometown. His job is the character designer and the level designer. The company released thier first game for a game console which Wentworth helped work on the most and it became a smash hit, making Wentworth proud of himself and it made the company earn a lot of money, making them able to expand their business. Wentworth was soon invited back to Total Drama when Oweguy found out about his game and Wentworth agreed, hoping he can still do well.


  • Darkdonpatch gave me the idea for the character and KoopaKidJr gave me the name.
  • Wentworth was originally going to resemble Mario but I didn't have his design yet.
  • Wentworth won Total Drama Vegas City.


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