Artisanal Cheeses
Killer Wildcats


Gender Female
Hair color Gray
Episode Eliminated "The Whine and Cheese Club"
Place 9th/8th
Relationship Roald
Family Parents, many brothers (including Wolfgang and Kyle)
Friends Roald
Enemies Artemis, Erica, Frances, Graham, Kaitlin, Kelsey
Fear Coffee stains
Talent Staring into the distance aloofly
Whitney, labeled The Ice Queen, is a contestant on Total Drama Lakeside. She was originally placed on the Artisanal Cheeses team, but switched to the Killer Wildcats in the fifth chapter.


Whitney is not the most social or friendly person around, and has never pretended to be. Growing up in a family with many siblings, instead of choosing to engage she decided to spend most of her free time in her room, avoiding her brothers and parents as much as humanly possible. She doesn't love opening up to other people or even attempting to make friends, and will instead make some sort of haughty remark about the other person's hair or makeup whenever forced to interact with someone. Whitney isn't putting on any fake air of sarcasm to seem "above it all," however - she genuinely believes this is the best way to act in social situations, since it's all she's ever known. Some of her few interests include gossiping (trying to "improve others' lives"), grooming herself, and reading fashion magazines. 

After witnessing a certain contestant's Total Drama success story, Whitney decided to apply for the show to test her luck and is aiming for the million bucks. She doesn't seem to realize how much socializing is required to achieve a win. 

Total Drama Lakeside

Audition Tape

Whitney is standing outside on a winter day, wearing a fuzzy lavender winter coat. "Hi," she says flatly. "I'm going to make this quick. I auditioned for this show once before, five years ago, but I was rejected in favor of my brother. Well, he ended up winning, and I know you guys love stunt casting contestants' relatives. Plus, I'm hotter, smarter, and more interesting than he is, so the decision should be very clear. I expect to hear from you imminently." She crosses her arms and walks out of the frame, without even turning off the camera.


  • She was originally created, with a slightly different personality, for my scrapped 2012 fanfic Survivor: India.
  • Whitney, similar to a certain few of my past characters, is named after and based around a character of the same name from Animal Crossing.
    • I first decided I'd write this story after drawing human versions of three characters in my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town—Roald, Whitney, and Beardo (Graham)—and realizing I could create a love triangle between them.
  • Whitney was created as a generic "snarker" character, similar to Wolfgang or his girlfriend Helga, but with a much less strong personality than those two: instead antisocial, quiet, and generally stagnant in terms of development.
    • While Wolfgang was snarky on the outside, but secretly lonely and misunderstood, Whitney was intended to be just as off-putting as she appeared.
  • She and Roald were always planned to leave back-to-back in the early merge, but I didn't decide it would be in a double elimination until I incorporated Kelsey's fake elimination.
  • For her relationship with Roald, I purposely wrote them with over-the-top humor and a questionably short exposition, similar to Total Drama Island's actual couples, to contrast the more drawn-out, will-they-won't-they romantic arc between Graham and Kelsey.


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