Will, labeled as The Social-Flopper, was a contestant in Total Drama Amazon.

Screeching Monkeys
Will flopper
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "This is gonna be fun."
Place Seventeenth
Friends Bruno (Debatable)
Enemies Elvis, Niles, Nathaniel
Fear Being ditched by his friends, death

Chapter Guide

Chapter One - Will formed a minor conflict with Elvis when Will ignored Elvis' desire to watch the music channel. Will voted for "Spazz". Will was put on the Screeching Monkeys tribe. They won immunity.

Chapter Two - Will laughed at Audrey for tying herself up, and made fun of Elvis for missing his iPod. Will jumped during the challenge, and helped Elvis by reminding him of the reward. They won immunity and reward.

Chapter Three - When the Screeching Monkeys found out the suitcase they won from the second challenge, Will said he hated Niles. During the challenge, Will called Bruno an idiot when he wasn't picked first for the challenge. Will competed in two rounds. His team won immunity.

Chapter Four - Will was furious that Elvis accidentally broke the boys' hut. Nathaniel, Audrey, and Elvis decided to throw the next challenge so that they could vote off Will. Will directed the team in the challenge, and despite doing a good job as director, the Screeching Monkeys still lost on purpose. Will voted for Nathaniel, but was voted out by the rest of the team.


Will had a difficult childhood. When his best friend moved away, Will had trouble talking to other people. Soon, he developed a habit of bullying his friends, and asking for help from bullies. His changing opinions of people got him in trouble and he's been badly beaten up twice because of it.


  • Will's appearance is an edit of Duncan.
  • Will's personality "The Social-Flopper" means that he changes friends a lot, i.e. he might be a jerk to somebody one minute and need their help the next.
    • This was based off the author's relationship with somebody.
  • Will received three votes.
  • Will is very similar to one of the author's other characters, Philip.
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