Xev, the Standout, is a character from BadAsp's fanfic Total Drama Alpharama.

It can be very difficult to understand someone like Xev, who does not tend to do things most girls her age would. She does not simply just wear the latest designs, but rather "discovers" them whenever she goes to the mall to try on outfits... and when the girls at her school see what she's wearing, they try it on the next day... even if she's wearing a totally different outfit at that time. What a trendsetter!

Xev's favorite letter of the alphabet is, of course, the letter X, not just because it's the first letter of her name, but because X Makes Everything Cool. Her favorite video game series is the Kingdom Hearts series, obviously, because of a certain group of people who always have the letter X in their name.

When she heard about Total Drama Alpharama and its alphabet theme, she auditioned without hesitation, because never before in the Total Drama series had there been a contestant whose name began with the letter X. A different reality series before Total Drama DID, however, but that's another story.

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